Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

AGM Minutes 24th May 2016

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee AGM 24 May 2016

Present: Joint Chairman – Dee Singh (DS) and James Allen (JA), Michael Daybell (MD- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH), Gerry Cowley (GC), Deborah Mullens (DM), Matthew Lee (ML), Rob Hobson (RH), Simon Mann (SM), Azad Nawaz (AZ).
Attendees: From LOCSU – Matt Jenkinson and Nizz Sabir. Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Rob Hobson
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Chairman’s report
2. Treasurers report
3. Election of LOC Committee Members
4. The LOC levy
5. Other Business
Chairman’s Report
JA – Minutes from 2015 AGM were passed. We will discuss OHT later as it is progressing but has not gone as far as it needs to go.
JA gave the Chairman’s report of LOC activity over the past year. The full report will be put on the LOC website.
Treasurers Report
HB – Thanks for the prompt response on outstanding accounts. The accounts are pretty healthy, at the end of the year we have ended up with a total of just under £45,000. The accounts are balanced to the last penny but they still need signing off by the 2 Davids who do our audit. It has been a quiet year, our overall total for meetings and work on behalf of the LOC has come to £8,390, for comparison in the 2 years that we were setting up PEARS it was £27,779 and £30,718. Other than a bit of maintenance work the £8,390 has done treasurer, secretary and chair fees. The majority of the work has been on behalf of Primary Eye Care Sheffield which the LOC Sheffield did pay for initially however once the Primary Eye Care Sheffield accounts have been done and filed the money is then invoiced and paid back into the LOC accounts so the Sheffield LOC have not paid for any work done on behalf of Primary Eye Care Sheffield, you can see this on the accounts under mine and Robs names where the work done has been separated out under Primary Eye Care Sheffield and Sheffield LOC and just above where we pay LOCSU there is £2,160 gone back into the accounts. So that is the 2 lower figures from mine and Robs and back in.
Regarding Primary Eye Care Sheffield; on your second piece of paper there is a memorandum of understanding figures for the loan from 17/04/2014 between Sheffield LOC and Primary Eye Care to the value of £5,000, there have been no re-payments on that loan as yet. We would like to use some of the excess to pay for PEAR review meeting tomorrow (which is going to be free to anyone who attends) and the local community and discussions etc.
The third piece of paper is the levy receipts from our DS work, at the moment it is 1% for Sheffield and has been that amount for about 10 years. We would like to not raise the levy so this year it will stay at 1% if possible. I would like it to be noted that we don’t have a voluntary levy as yet, so we don’t pay into the central optical fund.
The chairman and treasurers report were both accepted.
GC – Is the money going into PECS – 5% the right amount for what we need?
HB – Yes, it is working out right at the moment to pay Rob and I for the work done and to pay for Linda and PEAR review etc.
Election of LOC Committee Members
JA – All the current places on the LOC committee were voted on at the last AGM so we have still got 12 members on the LOC at the moment so that will stay the same for now. Myself and Dee are happy to stay as LOC chair, Helen will stay on as treasurer and Mike as secretary.
The LOC Levy
JA – I would like to welcome to the meeting Matt and Nizz who are here from LOCSU. They have come to discuss with us their strategy and some other issues. It was also proposed that today we would take a vote on a LOCSU proposal to raise the levy from 0.4% to 0.5%. We didn’t know about this until yesterday so we will listen to the presentation from Matthew and Nizz and then we will call an EGM of the Sheffield LOC to discuss and vote on this proposal at a later date as we need more time to review it.
There followed a Presentation by Matt Jenkinson; he is on the board of LOCSU and any questions can be sent him for review by the LOCSU board.
Nizz Sabir is the commissioning lead and is the point of contact for LOC members in this area.
Other Business
There is PEAR review 6.30PM tomorrow night starting with a hot buffet at 6;15 at the Rutland Hotel. Meeting Ended 9.15 PM

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