Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC AGM 19th May 2015

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee AGM 19 May 2015
Present: Rob Hughes (RH-Chairman), Deborah Mullens (DB- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), James Allen (JA), Rob Hobson (RO), Azad Nawaz (AN), Habib Shah (HS), Michael Daybell (MD), Shirley Blundell (SB), Dee Singh (DS), Gerry Cowley (GC), Mohsin Ahmed (MA), Irfan Uddin (IU), Nizz Sabir (NS), Cathleen Williams (CW), Alex Gage (AG).
Attendees: Lynda Liddament (LL- Support officer), Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Tanveer Hussain, Darmesh Patel

Meeting started- 7:35 PM
Chairman’s report
Treasurer’s report
Election of new LOC Committee
Adoption or the Statuary Levy

Chairman’s report

RH – The minutes of the LOC AGM 2014 were passed.
RH gave report of LOC activity over the past year. Report to be put on the web site.

Treasurer’s report

HB – Gave the treasurers report of LOC financial activity over the past year.
The accounts are still being audited by Davids, but everything adds up perfectly so I am not expecting any problems.
So as you can see, we managed to get the rest of the levy from the NHS by May last year so our actual income for the year 14 – 15 was just over 30K, with the extra £2.5K rolling over from 2013 levy payment.
Our expenses for the year came in quite low, at approx £26K. £11K of this is LOCSU the rest is £750 from expenses from 13 – 14, which should have been paid out in last year’s accounts, but I froze the bank account by mistake. Also, approx £500 which is part payment of the loan to PE(S) Ltd which I will explain in a bit.
Over all, this years activities have been mainly setting up PE(S) Ltd, which has been mainly Rob, Debs and myself with input from a few others. The schemes have generally with an odd tweak here or there, run themselves. So we seem to have clawed back a little of the capital, we spent over our income in the past. Which is the way things work, as schemes are always work heavy on setting up and work light on maintenance.
You’ll see on the balance sheet I have added a section called drawings on the PE(S) Ltd loan. This is the loan agreed at the last AGM for PE(S) Ltd from the LOC bank account of £5K.
You can see we have spent on a laptop, software and IOC. I have factored this into this balance sheet as I have only just moved the balance over to the Limited Company account this last week, once I had paid the insurance.
Needless to say the LOC Co has not yet made any repayments to the LOC yet.
That’s it really, not such a busy year on the bank account front, our finances are looking healthy.
On a personal note I would like to say thank you to everyone getting back to me straight away so I could get everything paid in time. It really does make my life so much easier.

Election of new LOC Committee

RH – When people are elected to the LOC committee the post is for three years, so as everyone who is on the committee is just starting their second year there are no changes to the committee. Rob and Helen are willing to stay in their posts as chairman and treasurer and this was agreed by the committee but Deb wishes to stand down as secretary as she has been in this post for over three years. The LOC committee will have to vote for a new secretary.

Adoption of the Statuary Levy

RH – The levy is expected to stay the same as it has been over the past year. If the OHT scheme is started over the next year the LOC will have various expenses associated with setting it up but the running costs will be covered by the LOC Company – Primary Eye Care Sheffield Ltd.
MD – Who will pay for any possible training that may be necessary as part of the new OHT scheme?
RH – There is not going to be any money available from CCG for training.
HB – We are trying to run the LOC Company as nil profit.
RH – As we have the WOPEC module for simple OHT monitoring so the distance monitoring side of that is free. So regarding the training side of things we will do the same as we do with PEARS.
NS – WOPEC courses should be available over the next year.
RH – So from a LOC point of view there may be some expenses in setting the courses up, but I don’t think this will affect the levy.
RH – Contribution to LOCSU. Darmesh has have done a lot of work for us this year so we will continue to pay their required amount.
RH – Are we happy to carry on using David Inman and David Shepard as auditors?
Yes, everyone was happy.

Questions from the Floor

RH – Ran over the OHT scheme – as covered in previous minutes.
Basically we want to get the scheme up and running with the non medication OHT patients then deal with the issues with the OHT patients on medication later.
MD – What percentage are the patients on medication compared to total number of patients?
RH about 10% of patients are on medication.
AG – Do we have any independent prescribers in Sheffield?
RH – One. How long does it take to become an IP?
NS – It takes a minimum of 2 years to become an IP. There are at least 3 training modules then after you have passed that you have to do 24 sessions at the hospital. Then a test followed by final assessment at college.
SB – The idea was that we need to get a spread of OHT across the city.
RH – Some of the treatment is age specific – patients may need referring back into the hospital system.
JA – I have not seen any senior patients taken off medication for OHT.
MD – Do we know how much the hospital costs out the treatment per patient?
RH – I believe about £55 for a Glaucoma unit follow up. As this is a technician led unit in the hospital they can undercut the cost of care in the community. But they will factor in a certain percentage of re-referral back to the hospital.
LL – It will take a while to set up, so we need to work out how much it is going to cost, move it out of the hospital then see what the costs are.
JA – I think we should have a show of hands as to who actually wants to take this work on.
The hospital keeps patients on the eye drops contrary to NICE guidelines as there may be some small risk that it may not work for some patients. Also I personally do not have time to fit in the extra work.
RH – It will work out to be approx 5 patients per week per Optom based on the number of Optoms in Sheffield who do PEARS.
HB – Then we also need to factor in the number of patients who do not turn up to their appointments.
SB – We need some possibility for reviewing the OHT scheme after a year of using the new scheme to be able to make changes to the scheme as necessary once we see how it is working in practice.
AG – Regarding Primary Eye Care Sheffield; this is LOC Sheffield AGM so will there be an AGM meeting for Primary Eye Care Sheffield?
NS – You can have a meeting if you want but there does not have to be one.
AG – So I am assuming that I am a member of Primary Eye Care Sheffield because I am a contractor to them?
RH – You are a subcontractor for the company, there are no members or shares in the company, there are directors who do meet but not regularly yet.
NS – The directors of PE(S) should meet and do agenda and minutes and send these out to the members.
RH – Any meetings that we have will be minuted but we haven’t had any official meetings yet as we have only been up and running for the past month. HB – LOCSU sorted out the starting accounts covering setting up and registering the company. The 5% levy should cover the entire running costs of the company.
AG – So we will get paid so much then pay back the levy, so is this 5% going to be invoiced and will I get this information on a statement?
RH – The 5% levy will already have been taken off what you are paid, as per the contract.
HB – You will get a monthly statement of what PE(S) will be paying you this month
and the charge of 5% for the LOC Co. will automatically be deducted.
LL – You will get an email with a breakdown of what is covered in your payments.
MD – What about Post Verification Claw back we have concerns about the college guidelines regarding seeing diabetic patients every year, for example.
RH – The College have changed the guidelines every two years. The AOP on memorandum of understanding is always a minimum required and not what you should be doing.
AG – In areas such as Liverpool a solicitors firm has got involved with the local commissioning group that said we can save you money. So my question is what is Sheffield CCGs position on this, are they happy to work with us as they have done in the past or would they employ these solicitors in the same way?
LL – We are talking GOS money which is NHS England and therefore nothing to do with the CCG. The CCG works with you on the enhanced services. The post payment verification is NHS England because your GOS contract is with them. We only do it for the enhanced services and we have quarterly contract meetings which cover that.
RH – They are not just automatically clawing back the money, they will come and look at your records. If there is something on the records showing a reason for a yearly test for example then that is fine.
HB – Very few people fall into this category anyway.
RH – Basically you cannot just recall patients every year because they are diabetic or over 70 but if there is any other condition that you wish to monitor then it is OK that they should be seen every year. The expected recall is 2 years unless they have severe circumstances.
EP – It’s a clinical judgment why you are recalling the patient after a year so if a reason is written on the patients’ records then you have covered yourself.
MD – After the last memorandum a lot of Optoms are going to be recalling diabetic patients after a year so NHS England has to come and be upfront about what they are planning to do.
RH – You can only give a yearly test to a diabetic who has a significant risk through family history of developing glaucoma. Routine yearly diabetic screening is not available on the NHS.
HB – If a diabetic patient wants to come every year; can they come and pay themselves for the interim test?
RH – No, this is not allowed according to the official guidelines.
DS – I have had this issue with patients demanding a sight test every year so I sign them off for 2 years but let them know they are welcome to come back if they have any problems during this period.
RH – If you haven’t refracted then you haven’t done the GOS eye examination so therefore they can have the GOS eye examination the following year. Think of it as a screening test that only needs to be done every 2 years from the last test whether the test was private or via NHS.

AGM finished 9:15

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