Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC AGM 20th May 2014

Minutes of AGM Local Optical Committee 20th May 2014

Present: Rob Hughes (RH-Chairman), Deborah Mullens (DM-Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), Helen Wilkinson (HW), East Patel (EP), Shirley Blundell (SB), Dee Singh (DS), Gerry Cowley (GC), Azad Nawaz (AN), James Allen (JA), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH).
Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes) Meeting started- 7:50 PM
1. Apologies for absence from Mike Daybell and Rob Hobson.

Chairman’s Report- Rob Hughes.
Another year gone, and time for my 4th report as Chair.

On the surface, it has seemed to be very much business as usual. All of our enhanced services (PEARS, glaucoma referral refinement, repeat applanation tonometry and paediatric referral refinement) continue to do their job well, giving patients access to good eye care in a primary care setting, meaning convenience and speed of access when appropriate. The PRR scheme had a patient satisfaction survey done this year and the results were tremendous.

Thanks and congratulations go out to all of our enhanced service providers.

No new schemes have been developed this year, but we continue to look at ocular hypertension monitoring – one day!

Big changes are going on behind the scenes with the recomissioning of the services using the Any Qualified Provider Model. This has meant the LOC has set up a provider company, and we will soon be tendering for all our enhanced services. Helen Bailey has done huge, huge amounts of work on this, and without her, we would not be ready, so thank you Helen.

The CCG this year decided that, as there is no clinical value in it, they would no longer pay optometrists for filling out cataract post op refraction results for the Hallamshire. I approached the hospital to see if they would be able to pay for the service, with no success. However, they are still sending the patients with the forms. The LOC position is that you are not obliged to fill them in.

The LOC branched out last year, and carried out its first peer discussion event, organised by James and Azad. The event was well received, as was a smaller event later in the year. This is something we will repeat. Thanks Azad and James.

As ever, I thank the rest of the team at the LOC for their help and support, and again single out Richard Oliver, Alastair Mew and Lynda Liddament from the CCG for all they do for us. Richard managed to shock us all by stepping down from his role as clinical CCG joint chair. Without him, we would have found it very difficult to be where we are now. He’s promised he will still be around, and his joint clinical lead, Zak McMurray, is taking on the role full time, and we will welcome him to all future meetings.

We also have 3 new LOC members this year – Rob Hobson is a DO at Specsavers, East Patel is a DO who owns his own practice, Eyefinity, and Dee Singh is an optom working for Tesco. Welcome to you all, and welcome also to our new admin assistant Karen Williams.

Finally, we have said goodbye this year to one of the longest standing members of the LOC. Sue Wilford was chair of the LOC when I arrived, and has been a foundation of the LOC for me. But, retirement looms, and she decided to start taking life easier by giving up her Specsavers franchise, and retiring from both her College and LOC roles. Can’t say I blame her, but we miss her!

2. Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of the Financial Statement- Helen Bailey.
Sheffield LOC has had a quieter year with invoices down 9% on last year. There were problems with the levy collected with long irregular delays in payment; this is supposed to have settled back to normal now. Even with LOCSU’s full amount (40% of the total NHS levy) and £5,000 that is to be loaned to the LOC Company on a no interest no fixed repayment loan, we are looking OK. This year there will be no increase in the levy (Sheffield has a low levy at 0.5%, Manchester for example is 2%) in fact we haven’t increased the levy for 10 years.
The accounts are being audited by David Inman at the moment, it will be necessary for a second person to also audit the accounts.
RH will speak to Ron Dolman, manager at MKO, to do the audit.
RH- asked, is everyone paying the levy?
HB-Three practices were not paying the levy last time I got the figures from the NHS- this is an admin error by the CCG ,nothing to do with the practices. RH – said he would have another look at this for me.

3. GC-Should we stay with Nat-West?
HB-No we will move the Bank Account to Barclays for convenience.

4. Election of the committee – the existing LOC Committee was re-elected unanimously.
5. Election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – Rob Hughes was re-elected as Chairman, Deborah Mullens was re-elected as Secretary and Helen Bailey was re-elected as Treasurer; all unanimously.

6. Any other business-no.

7. Questions to the floor.
JA-can PEAR review costs be brought down?
TH- explained a breakdown of costs.
HW- some people can’t get to peer Review meetings elsewhere, so a local meeting is useful.
DM- people need to put themselves on the mailing list on the web site so they can be kept informed of LOC business. We need some local low cost PEAR review meetings.
JA- a charge is necessary so people show up to the meeting and commit to attending.
GC- wanted further information on South Yorkshire Corneal topography Visual Fields, OCT and retinal imaging mail shot.
RH- it’s a workshop not a lecture, LOC is paying for food and venue.
SB- would like local experts to speak at these events as they are aware of the issues.
EP- we need to careful about who we ask to do a lecture as the content has to be CET approved.
RH- the LOC doesn’t mind paying a speaker. How can we get a lecture CET approved?
RH- what we want to do is get this lecture CET approved so I will send them the lecture and try to get it approved by CET. Once a lecture is CET approved it can be used over again.
SB- I suggest we have maybe 2 or 3 lectures with peer review at the end.
HB- we should try as much as possible to keep lecturers as cash neutral as possible. Yet in the future when we have the LOC co up and running we can use any excess funds in that account to subsidise any LOC co member (NOT LOC MEMBERS) but people who are not in the LOC co would have to pay in full. So there is a benefit to being involved with the LOC co
.RH- East, can you find out how to get a lecturer approved and get back to us?
EP – yes.
AN- I had patient who had eye test somewhere else and found problems with the glasses that were prescribed.
SB- unless there is a change of prescription the patient has to pay for the eye test.
JA- what are we going to do about patients who buy lenses online without prescriptions and then present with problems. When the prescription is wrong who is responsible?
HB- the GOC needs to get involved.
RH- contact lens cases need to be sorted out by the prescribing optom. There are often issues and problems related to on line contact lenses.
HW- GOC doesn’t stick up for optoms.
EP- the GOC are there to police the organization and no support is offered.

Meeting ended 8:45 pm
Next meeting is Monday 30th JUNE 2014

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