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Sheffield LOC AGM 22 May 2006

Minutes of the Sheffield Local optical Committee AGM held on the 22 May 2006

Committee Members
Shirley Blundell
Mike Daybell
Gerry Cowley
Will Walters
Robert Hughes
Sue Stentiford
David Shepherd
Jennifer Davis
Rebecca Pawson
Alex gage
John Whittle
David Timmins
David Inman
Christine Hagin

The minutes of the last AGM 16th May 2005 were accepted. Gerry Cowley reminded everyone that brief biographies are still required by all committee members to add to the website.

The minutes of the last meeting 24th April 2006 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

1. DRSS (diabetic retinopathy screening service) – Robert Hughes gave an update on the current position following a recent DRSS meeting. It was felt that all parties were reasonably happy with the arrangements (excepting the fee) and that a lot of the initial problems re image capture and the need to rescreen patients were settling down. It was re-stressed that repeat screening would no longer be funded if there was no valid reason for poor quality image sets. Chris Brand for the time being is seeing patients with “ungradeable” images in his clinics but this may be unacceptable in the medium term to Mr Brand, as far as clinic capacity is concerned, and to the PCT since this will cost them. The long term solution was to set up optometry run slit lamp biomicroscopy clinics at NHS addresses in the community, but this for the time being is put on hold due to a combination of 1. Lack of funds, and 2. Fewer ungradable images coming through than expected. Anecdotally some Gp’s are concerned as to the speed of some of the screening results and this will need to be audited along with the full DRS service at some convenient and relevant point in the future.

Some figures from the DRSS – There are 19418 registered diabetics in Sheffield, with 92.9% offered digital screening. This hits the 80% target for this year. Uptake is 67.6% city wide (of all diabetics, not those offered). This falls slightly short of the required 70% by end 2007, but the short fall may well be due to the change over period in October/ November. There was an initially slow start to the new scheme as no recall letters were sent out to try to minimise overlap. November, 327 screenings took place, 750 December and now over 1100 are done each month. To end April, the first 6005 digital screenings had been completed, including image grading.

The DSP committee plans on doing a patient satisfaction survey at some point, but probably not until the scheme has had its first 12 months.

2. Low Vision – David Shepherd is in the process of devising a questionnaire which will be sent out to all Sheffield list optometrists canvassing their interest in offering specialist low vision services within an agreed service plan.

3. Children’s eye care – Shirley and Gerry are working on devising a service plan for children’s eye care and are looking at the financial implications of providing this service. Once again, the next stage will be to canvass community optometrists on their desire to provide this service under an exact and agreed protocol.

4. Website. It is quite apparent that the website needs special and immediate attention. Jon Stokes is to take on the responsibility of ensuring it is regularly updated and contains useful and relevant information.

The secretary has received no correspondence

The Secretary’s report was given (Available to view on the website shortly)

The Treasurers report and presentation of the Balance sheet was presented (Available to view on the website.

The chairman’s comments were presented (Available to view on the website)

Any other business

1. Referral guidelines – It was agreed that the wet AMD and cataract referral pathways and guidelines should be uploaded to the website.

2. Glaucoma referral guidelines will be considered at a later date with consideration given to the current refined referral pathway pilot.

3. An eye casualty referral pathway will be added to the website following further discussions with hospital staff and consultants.

4. Flashes and floaters will be downloaded from the college website and passed by vitreoretinal surgeons for their comments.

5. The possibility of encouraging pre reg optometrists to attend LOC meetings as a way of encouraging attendance and involvement when qualified was discussed and it was felt that there was some merit in this suggestion.

6. The LOC annual dinner was arranged for the evening of the 13th June at Rafters. Mr Nick Ryan from SW PCT would be invited as a guest with other invitees considered.

7. It was noted that to date the LOC has not have a reply to its letter to RHH and SCH with respect to allowing the transposition of HES vouchers.

The date of the next meeting was given as 27th June 2006

The meeting was closed at 8.45 PM

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