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Sheffield LOC AGM 28th May 2012

Sheffield Local Optical Committee

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – SLOC Minutes of the meeting

Held: Monday 28th May 2012

Present: James Allen (JA), Helen Bailey (HB), Mike Daybell (MD), Rob Hughes (RH), Tan Hussain (TH), Deb Mullens (DM), Azad Nawaz (AN), Habib Shah (HS), Helen Wilkinson (HW), Sue Wilford (SW),

Guest: Omar Hassan (OH), Azad Nowab, Aftab Rahim (AR), Nizz Sabie (NS), Dee Singh (DS), Gil Vasey (GV),

Attendees: Louise Lambert (LL) (Minutes)

Apologies: Shirley Blundell (SB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Alex Gage (AG), Alastair Mew (AM) and Richard Oliver (RO),

Minutes of the last AGM meeting
The minutes of the last AGM meeting held on 24th May 2011 were accepted as a correct record. Proposed by HW and seconded by SW

RH explained the benefits of the proposed changes to the structure of the AGM, which are inline with Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU). This indicates that LOCSU generally do not have a secretary report during an AGM.

1. Chairperson’s comment
Attached – RH took the opportunity to reflect on the past year, highlighting successes of various schemes, cost saving and improved patient experience. He also thanked the committee, AM, RO and Lynda Liddament (LyL) for their continued support.

2. Treasurer’s report
Attached – HB shared with the group a breakdown of accounts, questioning how the PCT restructure will affect the running practice of SLOC. The PCT have stated in a meeting with RH and HB that services should not be affected whilst LOCSU suggested establishing a limited company to aid in processing fees to community optometrists. It was suggested paying LOCSU the full fees for the coming year. Discussion evolved into past fees paid to LOCSU and voluntary and statutory levies paid. HB and others felt that at the current level could potentially leave SLOC vulnerable to the changing structure. It was proposed to increase the levy to 1.25% to cover the suspected cost of increased activity. If funds where not utilised then it was suggested to drop the percentage the following year 2013/2014. MD queried the level of activity which was clarified as covering the cost of paying LOCSU full fees, additional 100 hours of meeting attendance and an administrator.

AR offered the Derbyshire prospective and queried whether GOS could go out to tender, this could be considered a possible threat but could not yet be assumed. RH agreed, although he would prefer to prepare for worst case scenario, evolving into a further debate about enhanced schemes, citywide approach and cost savings currently being experienced.

GV queried the logistics and compliance of the limited company, specifically who would be the owners, how shares would be distributed who was on the board and how they would be elected. The group response was that the future planning was still in its infancy and there was a possibility that the limited company would not be required. RH commented that RO (a member of the CCG) had expressed that he was more then happy the current approach and delivery of optometrist schemes and the limited company was just in case.

HB thanked GV for his advice and guidance during the discussion and suggested to readdress the matter further at the next meeting.

3. Election of committee
The chair explained that committee members are elective on a 3 year term. Any Sheffield PCT contractor or performer can put themselves forward for election, providing there are no more then two members per company/contractors sitting on the committee.

Current committee members are;

James Allen, Helen Bailey, Shirley Blundell, Alex Gage, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, Rob Hughes, Tanveer Hussain, Deb Mullens, Azad Nawaz, Habib Shah, Sue Wilford and Helen Wilkinson

Attendees did not put themselves forward for election to the committee. The current committee was voted back into office unanimously.

4. Election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary

RH placed himself forward for the position of Chair, Proposed by HW and seconded by DM

HB placed herself forward for the position of Treasurer, Proposed by RH and seconded by JA

DM placed herself forward for the position of Secretary, Proposed by RH and seconded by HB.

All were elected unanimously.

Any other business

HB asked whether the increase in levy would be discussed today at the AGM meeting or at the next LOC meeting. The general consensus, amongst guest and committee members was that an increase would be OK on the understanding that if not utilised, contributions would decrease the following year. RH stated that he wanted to keep fees as low as possible.
Action: HB to enquire with PCT how much notice is needed for levy alterations.

The group speculated on the requirements and of the administrator including contracted hours and duties.

The AGM closed at 20:28hrs.

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