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Sheffield LOC AGM minutes 16th May 2017

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee AGM 16 May 2017
Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), Gerry Cowley (GC), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Rob Hobson (RHO) Tanveer Hussain (TH), Azad Nawaz (AN), James Allen (JA), Gilbert Vasey (GV), Amy Seaman (AS), Alex Gage (AG). Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes)
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes of previous AGM
3. Matters arising from previous minutes
4. Chair’s Report
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Adoption of reports
7. Election of committee
8. Election of officers
9. Adoption of the statutory levy
10. Appointment of the auditors
11. Any other business

Apologies for Absence

Apologies: Deborah Mullen, Michael Daybell, Dee Singh, Nizz Sabir
Minutes of previous AGM

The minutes of the 2016 LOC AGM were passed with one correction.

Matters arising from previous minutes

We had an EGM after the 2016 LOC AGM to discuss the LOCSU situation and it was decided to continue paying the increased LOCSU levy.

Chairman report

RH Thanks to James Allen and Dee Singh who stood in as acting Chair of LOC while I took six months out of the role. Thanks also to Helen Bailey – Treasurer and Mike Daybell – Secretary and to all the other members of the LOC committee. Thanks also to the CCG especially Linda Liddament who has continued to give us the support and help we have needed.
All the enhanced services are working very well; we have a few new practices joining the PEARS scheme. The LOC provided company contract is in its third and final year and the CCG are keen to renew the services, hopefully we can continue with the practice we have rather than another provider company taking over. We are very close to putting in the business case for OHT but being held up at the moment by the general election.
Our thanks to Nizz Sabir and LOCSU for helping us get the case together, maybe this year we will be successful in getting this set up.

Treasurers Report

HB The accounts have already been check by the auditors and are accurate, they just need a final look though before being signed off.
The account looks like it has had a hammering this year but this is because we have started paying LOCSU quarterly as agreed, so we’ve paid out 18 months worth of fees out of one year’s income, that is an extra £8k worth of expenditure.
We have paid last years LOCSU levy April 2015 to April 2016 at £15,647.22 (our levy is set at 1% and LOCSU is set at 0.5%). We have also paid April to June 2016 and October to December 2016.
LOCSU have now also had their levy for July to September 2016 and January to March 2017 but these will show up in the next years accounts due to a mix up by LOCSU.
Last year we ended just under £45k, this year we are just over £34k.
The loan that was made to PECs as agreed by the MOU from the 7 April 2014 still stands at £5000; there has been no repayment to the loan this year.
PECs actually made a loss this year of just over £4k but this was because the first year worth of accounts ending October 2015 had no really wages in it, so this last years accounts that ended October 2016 has wages in it for almost 2 years. Again each year that the accounts are done we look at spending any excess money on either training, peer review or repaying the loan so as not to make a profit or pay tax.
We have had no voluntary levy payments and we do not pay into the Central Optical Fund.
I know we have a years worth of work ahead of us however I feel for now we have enough funds in the pot to deal with this so again I am not suggesting we increase the levy this year.

Adoption of the Reports

Is everyone happy with the Chairman and Treasurers reports?
Passed by everyone.

Election of the Committee

When a committee member is elected it is for a three year term, presently everyone on the committee is up for re-election; all having served for three years.
All the current committee want to stay on the committee and no new individual has put themselves forward to be on the committee.
I propose that the current LOC committee be re-elected to serve for a further three years.
Passed by everyone.

Election of Officers

All the current officers are happy to stay in their roles so I propose that we re-elect the current officers to carry on serving in the positions they are in presently.
Passed by everyone.

Adoption of the Statutory Levy

TH Wakefield LOC lowered their levy to 0.5% – the amount they pay to LOCSU – as they have a surplus this year.
HB This is because they have a large surplus in their accounts but as we don’t have a surplus it doesn’t make sense to drop our levy at the moment. Six months of the levy has gone out but there is another six months to come through, we can look again in 6 month’s time at the figures.
RH I would suggest we keep the levy where it is at the moment.
AG Does it have to be changed at the AGM or can the LOC committee change it?
RH We would call an EGM to vote on changing the levy.
JA What is the levy of the other LOC’s with a surplus?
HB They are set at 2% – higher than our levy.
RH We will take a vote on the Statutory Levy;-
RH I propose that we keep the levy where it is and review the balance it in six months time and if it needs reviewing we will call an EGM.
Passed by everyone.

Adoption of the contribution to LOCSU

I also propose that we carry on paying LOCSU for their time and aid.
Passed by everyone.

Appointment of the Auditors

Are we happy to carry on with the same auditors that we have now – the 2 Davids?
Yes- passed by everyone.

Any Other Business

Dates of future LOC Meetings:-
Tuesday 11th July 7:30 PM
Tuesday 5th September 7:30 PM
Tuesday 24st October 7:30 PM
Tuesday 19th December 7:30 PM

JA The triage meeting went ahead, how did it go?
AN How many people attended?
RH Three people and also Dee Singh attended.
AN I would like to hold some scenarios on treating triage patients.
RH We could have a forum on the PECs website for enhanced service optoms to recount their experiences, and perhaps get some feed back.

HB I have had a lot of swollen discs cases – adults with no symptoms.
JA I think a lot of times there is a blurred margin. I had one the other day but it was actually a tilted disc.
RH If you are going to refer then the GOS box must be ticked. As PEARS Optoms all we can do is give the appropriate feedback to the relevant people.
RHO Has anyone used the new interpreting service – the telephone one or in person one? The problem is that they have cancelled on us at very short notice; too late for us to cancel the patients appointment.
RH I think you should inform CCG who commissioned this service that this is happening.

Meeting ended 8:15PM

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