Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 24th April 2018

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee AGM 24 April 2018
Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), Secretary Mike Daybell (MD), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Dee Singh (DS), Amy Seaman (AS), Gerry Cowley (GC), Azad Nawaz (AZ), Tanveer Hussain (TH) Attendees: Nizz Sabir LOCSU (NS), Rebecca Wootton, Matthew Lee (ML), Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Rob Hobson, James Allen, Alex Gage, Deb Mullens
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1 Chairmans Report
2 Treasurers Report
3 Any Other Business

Chairmans Report
RH Minutes from the previous LOC AGM meetings passed. We had previously talked about having a forum on the PECs website for PEARS, we could add something like that to the LOC website, so we will look into doing that.
Over 5,700 patients were seen under the PEARS scheme last year with over 75% of PECs cases sorted out without having to go to the hospital. A few more practices have joined the scheme over the last year.
The three- year contract with the CCG has come to an end so we have a six month extension while the CCG sort out the next contract. Primary Eye Care Sheffield has decided to join with Primary Eye Care North which is covering all the north of England. This large provider company will ensure all the practices who wish to participate can continue with the ongoing schemes with the LOC and CCG together deciding how the schemes operate.
Thanks to the rest of the LOC team for all their help and support and to the CCG for all that they do for us. Special thanks go to Mike Daybell who is now stepping down as secretary of the LOC having been a dedicated member of the LOC for many years. Thanks to Nizz Sabir from LOCSU for all his support and help, and to Linda Lydament for the help she has given us.
Regarding the OHT scheme; the business case went in a while ago but with the enhanced contracts coming to an end we are waiting for the new contracts to go out then we will start discussions again.
Treasurers Report
HB The accounts have been verified by one of the auditors and everything adds up to the last penny, so they will get a final review by the next auditor and then be signed off.
The accounts look like they have gone down but this is mainly because we have started paying LOCSU quarterly as agreed, we have paid out 18 months’ worth of fees out of a years income which is an extra £8k worth of expenditure. Last year we ended just under £45k, this year we are just over £34k.
Our levy is set at 1% and LUCSU is set at 0.5%. There is no need to increase the levy this year.
The loan that was made to PECs still stands at £5000, there have been no repayments over the last year. When all expenses have been paid for this year we will look to paying off some of this loan. Now Specsavers have come onboard with a lot of PEARS cases this has put the funds up.
Each year we will look at spending any excess money on either training, PEAR review or repaying the loan to not make a profit and pay tax, we want to sort out the website next year and we owe a bit still to LOCSU.
We have had no voluntary levy payments and do not pay into the Central Optical Fund.
TH Are there any costs associated with joining PEC North?
HB No there shouldn’t be any additional costs.
RH If possible we would like to do a training event, CET PEAR review.
EP Do we know what the time scale is to merge with PEC North?
RH I haven’t signed up to a starting date yet as I wanted to check the CCG were completely happy with us joining PEC North. The CCG has changed around but they are happy, so I will sign with PEC North for a start date of 1 May 2018 but there will be a transition period of a month or so where CCG will be doing some of the work and primary eye north will also be doing some.
PEC North will not take on Linda as they already have their own administrator.
Are we happy to adopt the reports from the Chairman and Treasurer? YES- unanimously.
Regarding election of LOC committee – The LOC committee will stay the same but James Allen will take 6 months sabbatical leave from now. The posts will stay the same except Mike Daybell is stepping down as LOC secretary, East Patel is happy to take on the role – all agreed? – YES
The levy will stay at 1%? – YES
Carry on paying LOCSU the 0.5% of our levy? – YES
The 2 Davids keep doing the annual audit? – YES
Any Other Business
NS LOCSU work with New Medica but also work with all other contractors and will do there best for any provider.
ML I didn’t realize that Specsavers did PEARS?
RH Specsavers at Crystal Peaks do not do PEARS although they do GRR and repeat IOP measurements; the other branches do PEARS. All the three Specsavers branches don’t do PRR.
HS Is the online reporting system going to change?
RH No it will stay the same – it is a good system – fees may go up but they won’t come down.
NS Barnsley have a new higher tender in at the moment so if this tender comes through this will improve the case for putting up fees in this region.
RH There won’t be any issues switching over to Webstar in the future.
GC Does Specsavers own New Medica and will they be offering PEARS?
NS Yes; but New Medica only do Ophthalmology and Community Ophthalmologists Services, they can tender for MEC services.
RH It’s all about to go out to tender but the CCG are not keen to have more than one provider so PEC North will tender for it.
NS Specsavers are planning to open some more stores around the Sheffield region, but they will not have the spread of PEC North, so we do expect PEC North to get the contract.
RH Three years ago no one else tendered for the contract but this time some other companies may try to tender.
GC We did have a patient survey regarding patient satisfaction to help with the tender last time so should we do this again?
RH I will get a new patients satisfaction survey sorted out this week.
ML Regarding CATS are we still working on 21 plus or is it all now 24?
RH I will be sending out an email to all enhanced services practices with the new protocols on this which are basically 24 at all patient ages.
ML Will it become mandatory to have OCT to be able to do PEARS?
RH It won’t be mandatory.
EP As we are monitoring for changes in eye conditions the type of machine doesn’t matter if you are using the same machine for the follow up.
MD When we do tender again for Enhanced Services are we going to put up the fees?
RH We are having a meeting with the CCG so when we have the discussion I would like to get glaucoma out of PEARS and into GRR.
HB if you are seeing your own patient you should be doing it under GRR but only as PEARS if they are not your patient.
NS The CCG will put out a tender based on price but if PEC North stick together on price then the price should not come down.
CG I though you couldn’t link the eye test to the cost of glasses?
MD No you can’t so if a practice is doing this they should be reported.
GC Also what about the outside clinic using the NHS logo on their letter.
MD That has been reported and they have had to change the wording slightly.
GC The new data protection law – how much does it affect us with patient reminders.
RH It doesn’t affect you as medical reminders are exempt; unless you are adding in some extra marketing offer.
EP Does anyone have any issues with Capita?
ML Yes, the check is permanently lost in the post.
NS They have a few contracts and are not doing very well with some of them.
Meeting ended 8:30 PM
Next meeting Tuesday 26 June 2018

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