Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

2006 LOC Chairman’s Comment

Having spoken to members of a number of other LOC’s in my time as chairman, we should be immensely proud of the range of practitioners serving on the committee. Most LOCs have no input from the hospital optometrists, locums or the national multiples. This balance gives us a much greater ability than most to speak for the whole Sheffield’s optometric community. The recently developed LOC website and increasing e-mail database will further improve communication. I cannot stress too strongly how important being part of the local network is, particularly in keeping up-to-date with new protocols and being able to pass comment on new initiatives.

“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse, and certainly year by year optics gets more interesting.

Over the last twelve months we have faced the implementation of a divisive and rather poorly considered diabetic eye screening system, endured the stop/go politics of ophthalmology joint planning group. A second year of clinical governance practice visits continues to give increased compliance with the necessary standards, NHS politics has loomed large in discussions on improving the LVA pathway and Children’s eye care.

And next year? – The continuing GOS review, the re-organization of the debt laden PCT’s, the prospect of clinical audit requirements and internet glasses. I am sure it won’t be boring.

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