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2015 chairmans comment

My report this year starts the same as last!

On the surface, it has seemed to be very much business as usual. All of our enhanced services (PEARS, glaucoma referral refinement, repeat applanation tonometry and paediatric referral refinement) continue to do their job well, giving patients access to good eyecare in a primary care setting, meaning convenience and speed of access when appropriate.

Thanks and congratulations go out to all of our enhanced service providers. With the set up of the LOC provider company, we have asked them to stick with us through the transition period, and supply us with lots of information. Most have been happy to do this, with only one provider (covering 2 practices) pulling out. However, we also have a few new practices joining the company, some of which are starting with the repeat applanation tonometry scheme, but may increase this to full GRR. Another practice is making enquiries about starting PEARS.

The setting up of the provider company has taken a large amount of work. My thanks here go especially to Helen, who has again done sterling work to get everything up and running. The LOC support unit gets some credit here for checking the contracts and making sure everything is in order, and I am pleased to say they are finally happy with the Sheffield system for payments and data collection.

Once again, I thank the rest of the team at the LOC for their help and support, and again thank the CCG for all they do for us. The work done getting Primary Eyecare (Sheffield) Ltd up and running has been a learning curve for us all, and our good relationship with the CCG teams has definitely helped with any teething troubles along the way, although there have been remarkably few of those! Thanks specifically to Lynda Liddament (as usual, we’d be lost without her) and to Jo Ward, the contracts manager, for being extremely helpful.

With a bit of luck, we can now move on and develop the ocular hypertension pathway!

Finally, thanks to Deb Mullens, who has been our secretary for the past 3 years. She has decided to step down, I’m sad to say, but thank you for all your help and support.

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