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2016 Chairman’s comment


2016 proved to be a period of change for the LOC in many ways.
All enhanced services are performing well and the recent questionnaires sent to patients by Primary Eyecare Sheffield suggests that PEARS is still very well received.
From a personnel point of view, the start of the year saw Rob Hughes step down as LOC chair. He has done a tremendous amount of work on setting up enhanced services over the years and still has an active role in this as a director of Primary Eye Care Sheffield. We wish to thank Rob for all his hard work as LOC chair.
We also were sad to see Shirley Blundell step down from the LOC. She provided many years of service including setting up paediatric referral refinement which is highly regarded nationally as one of the leading schemes of its type.

In February this year, we agreed to take on the co-role of LOC chair. We wish to thank all LOC members in this period for their support in the transition, and also to Rob Hughes who is happy to offer advice when needed.
In the last 12 months, Mike Daybell has taken the role of secretary and Gerry Cowley has offered to overlook Paediatric referral refinement. Thanks to them for their work. Thanks also to our treasurer, Helen Bailey who we would be lost without.
I also want to thank the CCG for all they do for us. Also thanks to Lynda Liddament for all her hard work and support.
In the coming months, we wish to develop further the ocular hypertension pathway in view to getting this scheme set up city wide. We are also pleased to report that the Sheffield LOC is a provider of peer review and peer discussion with two accredited facilitators on the LOC. Last years peer review was a success with a feedback score of over 90%. We are also pleased to report that the LOC in conjunction with Primary Eyecare Sheffield is providing a peer discussion event

James and Dee

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