Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

LOC MINUTES 4th April 2017

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 4 April 2017

Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), Gerry Cowley (GC), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Rob Hobson (RHO)
Attendees: Dr Marion Sloan, Nizz Sabir LOCSU, Lynda Liddament CCG, Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Deborah Mullens, Tanveer Hussain, Azad Nawaz, Michael Daybell, Dee Singh, James Allen.
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Presentation by Dr Marion Sloan from the Sloan medical Centre
2. OHT
3. Falls

Presentation by Dr Marion Sloan from the Sloan Medical Centre

Review of current pathways for A & E and access to GP/ medical services and how Opticians can have a bigger role in this. How can primary care be moved out of the hospital environment and into the community?

The PEARS system has been running for the past 5 years but many GPs are unaware of it and how to use it, PEARS is an effective scheme but it is not being utilized enough.

CCG needs a change of mind set from GPs to broaden it out to include Opticians and other options, i.e. the 111 service.
LOC is trying to get less referrals into the eye clinic and encourage these cases to go through the SPA triage system then the patient would be seen by an Optician.


RH Discussing details of the OHT proposal. –The LOC is of the opinion that Optoms who are newly qualified should not be involved in the monitoring of OHT. We want to keep the clause specifying 3 years minimum of experience post qualification required before an optom can carry out OHT monitoring.
NS We have to be fair to all contractors working within the sector. This is an issue that has been brought up with me by someone in the multiple operator sector; he is not happy with the idea that newly qualified optoms couldn’t operate within the new scheme.
RH This decision is based on what we have seen regarding cases being referred in through PEARS, i.e. cases being referred that should not have been due to inexperience on the part of the optom.
We are not stopping any contractor operating within the scheme, it will just be a requirement for the individual optom. The CCG has always supported this minimum level of experience requirement being part of the contract.
EP When we start the new scheme Optoms will need to have a suitable level of experience to be able to act within the OHT scheme, and we would want the best qualified people carrying out these services.
ROH I believe the multiple stores would accept the reasoning behind a requirement of 3 year minimum level of experience to be able to do OHT monitoring.
HB Patients safety has to be a priority.
RH What level of training is necessary for OHT monitoring?
NS Glaucoma 1 and Glaucoma 2 (that is the WOPEC recommendation), time out of practice is only 2 days for this. I am talking about a slightly abridged version of the training.
RH A new Optom with no qualifications should do the distance learning certificate also other various distance learning programmes especially the glaucoma sessions. The glaucoma session should also be done as a refresher course by experienced Optoms.
RH Equpiment specification; Goldmans by preference but Perkins is allowable when Goldmans is not possible.
NS can you outline the IT platform for me?
RH I have been talking with various people about how to improve GP referrals into PEARS. Basically it means us triaging from GPs into Ophthalmology, we may need more optoms to offer triage to be able to do it. This also may require giving feedback to GPs for unnecessary referrals.
LL Protected learning initiative may be a good idea and also the administration staff are very aware of the scheme.
GC PRR If you see a patient that has failed the S score screening test but still requires glasses, if you put discharge to GOC, it goes to an 8 week recall, it’s a grey area.
RH did everyone get the email of current service specs.


To be discussed at the next meeting (after the AGM) when Simon Mann is present.

Meeting ended 9:10 PM

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