Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Minutes LOC meeting 29 Feb 2016

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 29 February 2016

Present: Joint Chairman – Dee Singh (DS) and James Allen (JA), Michael Daybell (MD- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH) Gerry Cowley (GC), Deborah Mullens (DM)
Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Rob Hobson
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. The LOC Constitution
2. PRR Representative
4. Other Business
LOC Constitution
JA – The LOC Constitution is a list of rules and regulations that the Sheffield LOC must abide to. (The Sheffield LOC Constitution is different to the national LOC constitution which is held by LOCSU.) Dee, James, Helen and Mike met up on Thursday 25th February to discuss the LOC survey which was done by LOCSU as they wanted to make some changes to the constitution. They made the following suggestions:-
1. That there should be a cap on how many 3 year terms a LOC committee member should stand for, so after a fixed number of terms in office a member should step down. We rejected this suggestion on the basis that if someone is happy to sit on the committee and is doing a good job they should be allowed to stay on.
2. That there should be a change in the number of votes allocated to committee members. They suggested that there should be one vote per contractor and one vote per performer, so if an individual is both a contractor and a performer they would be entitled to vote twice. So for example if you are an Optom and a business you would have two votes. We rejected this suggestion and it was agreed that it should be one person one vote.
We agreed with LOCSU on everything else.
HB – So regarding the changes-
1.3 – used to read ‘each local optometrist not being a local contractor’ was changed to ‘contract opticians and Dos’.
11.3 – used to read ‘audited annually’ was changed to ‘should be scrutinized annually’.
11.4 – The statutory levy has been 1% of the total fees since 2007/8 when it was raised from 0.75% to 1% because the voluntary levy stopped. LOCSU take 0.4% of that 1% levy and LOCSU want all LOCs to raise the levy to 3%. The LOC would like to set a fixed amount that the levy could be raised by, so we would like to set a maximum increase of 0.5% per year.
MD – Should we invite LOCSU to come to a LOC meeting to put forward their case for increasing the levy?
HB – They have done quite a bit of work with us while we were setting up the LOC Company and have been helpful for dealing with the NHS when we were setting up the contract.
GC – But we could have employed a solicitor to help out with those issues.
HB – Looking at the accounts there is no need for the levy to be raised at the moment.
JA – Last week I was invited to an event with Katrina Veneris and about 20 other LOCs; the general consensus was that they want to try to raise the levy because they are predicting an attack on the contract for dispensing services from large multiples like Specsavers and Boots.
GC – As there are representatives from some of the multiples are on the LOC Committee it is hard to see that happening.
JA – 4.1 of the LOC Constitution; LOCSU was recommending a maximum of 12 committee members we felt it was right to keep it at that. The next point was how to elect new people onto the LOC Committee. We usually elect people at the first meeting after the AGM so potential new members can be suggested at the AGM and any who want to stand can come to that meeting and then be voted onto the LOC Committee. There were suggestions about getting more observers to come to LOC meetings so we agreed to set a maximum of 6 observers per meeting who have to give one week notice. Note – observers do not get paid for attending LOC meetings.
DS – It may be necessary to request at some stage during the meeting that observers leave the room so certain issues can be discussed in private.
DS – There are some things in the LOC Constitution that should be noted for example; if a LOC Committee member misses 3 meetings in a row they can be excluded from the LOC. It would be helpful if everyone could read through the constitution and bring any further issues up at the next meeting.
PRR Representative
JA – Now Shirley Blundell has left the LOC Committee we need someone to take over PRR as Shirley was doing this role.
GC – I will take the PRR over for LOC.
JA – Rob Hughes emailed suggesting that we need a system for no show for PEARS as there is no system within PEARS to monitor who turns up and who doesn’t.
TH – What does the hospital do?
DM – This happens throughout the NHS without anyone chasing the patient up so normally if you don’t turn up to a secondary care department appointment then nothing happens.
HS – Could we amend the online reporting system to put a new check box on for a PEARS DNA?
JA – Sometimes patients turn up without any paperwork as SPA haven’t sent on the referral, so that patent is lost in the system.
DS – With the PRI we do need to chase up as it is important that children are seen early.
MD – It’s another level of administration that we don’t need and it adds to our costs.
DM – Parents should be chased up for appointments for their children but adults who DNA should not be chased as that is their choice.
It was agreed that Optoms will try to contact patients regarding appointments but if they DNA there will be no further follow up unless the patient is a child.
Other Business
HB – We have LOC meetings booked on 26 April and 20 June, shall we make the 20 June the AGM?
HB – Provisionally I will book the AGM on Tuesday 24 May in the Holiday Inn. We will cancel the 26 April LOC meeting but still hold the 20 June LOC meeting.
MD – Jackie Hudson of LOCSU wants to be informed of when the LOC AGM is to be held so they can send a representative.
JA – At the June LOC meeting we need to choose a new member from one of the observers at the AGM for the LOC committee.
MD – What do we need to discuss at the AGM other than OHT which is ongoing?
JA – Other LOCs have wet MD schemes going on but I think we need to sort out OHT first.
DM – What do they do in the wet MD schemes in different areas?
JA – Stable MDs get discharged into a scheme where they get looked at and then monitored. How far are we through the OHT issue?
MD – We are not any further on. I was hoping the documents would be sent to me electronically so I could forward them onto Alistair Mew. I wrote to Richard Oliver but didn’t hear anything, Linda emailed me saying they was a lot of data and numbers that needed to be included in the documents before I sent them on.
HS – I am getting PEARS emails to both my new and old NHS email addresses.
HB – On 26 February NHS emails are supposed to change so there may be a handover period when they will use both email addresses.
JA – We have agreed that meeting fees are put up to £90 per meeting as per the minutes of the last meeting.
HB – Has anyone any ideas for things to put on for a CET event as we do have some funds available in the LOC funds for training events.
JA – We could organize another PEARS event which would be free for any Sheffield LOC Company member. It is more economical for me to bring in Linden and Trevor as they are already set up for doing that sort of training event.
The last event; a DO one, held in my practice at Broomhill we had 10 people booked but 4 pulled out at the last minute which was disappointing.
DS – The hotel one was £30 but did include food.
JA – I will try to organize a training event in June/July at a hotel including food with expenses covered by LOC for Primary Eye Care Sheffield members but a charge to everyone else.
TH – Training is completely different now as I tried to renew my GOP and found out that the details have changed.
JA – The GOC brought up a lot of queries before the last training session.
DS – Putting the LOC Constitution on the website may be a good idea then people can see what the protocol for LOC meetings are etc and we have nothing to hide.
HB – PCT have asked to see a copy of our accounts, this is also in the constitution. I will give them a balance sheet.
Meeting finished 8:45 PM

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