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Minutes SLOC 6th Feb 2018

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 6th Feb 2018
Present: Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Rob Hobson (RHO), Tanveer Hussain (TH), Dee Singh (DS), James Allen (JA), Amy Seaman (AS), Gerry Cowley (GC)
Attendees: Lynda Liddament CCG (LL), Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Deborah Mullens, Azad Nawaz, Rob Hughes, Mike Daybell, Nizz Sabir
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1 Report from the Catch Meeting
2 New Eye Care Centre
3 Primary Eye Care North
4 Eye Casualty
5 Information Governance

Report from the Catch Meeting
JA I went to a catch meeting which looks into the reasons and effects on people who have falls at home. It seems a lot of people who have falls haven’t had eye tests for years, one reason mentioned for this is that some of these people who have fallen do not trust optoms and are concerned about the expense of glasses – basic eye screening may be a possibility. The factors causing the falls can often be eye related but the people assessing these people at home are not trained to assess eyesight, there are also other factors not just eyesight.
LL I have visited the falls centre and I have already suggested we give the people concerned a list of optoms in their local area so they could be encouraged to go and get an eye test, which if most of these people are over 60, will be free.
TH I heard the same thing regarding people who are concerned about the cost of glasses etc at CCG meeting in Barnsley for the vision strategy group. Someone in public health in Barnsley is creating a leaflet to encourage people to get a regular eye test and make people aware of the importance of eye tests as Barnsley has the highest rate of preventable sight loss in the country.
JA They are trying to get a form together to try to pinpoint who is at risk of falls and the reasons why, but it would be cost effective to check their eyesight and rule that out first before other possibly costly tests are carried out. I will go to the next meeting.
EP I don’t think we should over complicate this issue. The things the eye test would need to cover is a general GOS eye test – VA and fields, if they haven’t had an eye test for a long time we should try to find out why they don’t regularly go for eye tests or if they are having regular eye tests we need so see if there are any significant changes since the last eye test which could be causing the falls. I think we should be willing to fill out a simple form for people with falls to send on the falls team.
The New Eye Clinic at Northern General Hospital
HB STH have contacted us as they would like some members of the LOC to attend meetings with senior managers and Ophthalmic consultants to discuss the opening of the new eye care centre at the Northern General Hospital. The STH would like to work in partnership with members of the LOC towards mutual benefit interests. All the LOC members are happy to attend depending on the date and time of the meeting.
Primary Eye Care North
HB We (RH TH) went to a meeting about combining the South Yorkshire PEC’s with other regions including Manchester to create one large PEC North.
TH LOCSU are planning to have one large PEC region in the north including Manchester, Liverpool and the whole of the north including all our area. It aims to create a national organization that will pitch with the CCGs on our behalf for contracts, they employ full time staff and will have the time and resources to set up new contracts. It won’t cost Barnsley and Rotherham LOC anything to join it as we don’t have a PEC at the moment (HB Sheffield will probably have to pay in) – the aim is for fees to be standardized throughout the region and we would probably have to have the same protocols throughout the new region.
LL It would depend what each CCG wanted as it could be different in each area. If this new PEC was negotiating for higher fees, then the CCG would be free to put it out to tender to other organizations and you could lose contracts.
HB The idea behind it is a great idea as we all have cross border issues, I am concerned about the money getting to the pockets of the contractors not going down. If we did join we may lose the IT platform which we get for free now so our fees would probably have to go – we presently have the lowest fees in the area as we do everything ourselves. I thought that we could maybe think about having a South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw PECS combining into one group would be a good thing – along the lines of PECS North but have some reservations about joining with the larger northern region until we get more information.
DS Could it be made compulsory in the future to join the large northern region if LOCSU wanted it to happen?
HB I don’t think they could make it compulsory but they could make it hard for us if we didn’t join.
TV The CCG have extended PEARS for another 6 months, so we have some time to consider it.
HS Could we look into joining with other groups on a much smaller scale.
HB We weren’t aware that we could join with other areas before, but now joining Sheffield, Barnsley and Bassetlaw seems like a good idea. We need more information and discussion about the pros and cons of joining the big PECS north group, but I do see advantages of joining a local PECS group.
I don’t feel we are not ready to vote on this tonight as we need more information regarding this plan and time to look at possible alternatives. We also need to know how much it is going to cost and more details of what it entails. I think all LOC contractors should be included in a vote on this proposal and may be something to discuss at the AGM.
It was decided as an LOC not to vote on this.
Eye Casualty
DS Mark from Eye Casualty would like to talk to the LOC on the sort of cases that are coming through Eye Casualty and detail the sort of cases that they don’t want to get referred and the sort of cases that should be referred.
LL Dry eyes is the biggest percentage of cases that are seen at Eye Casualty.
JA We need guidelines to be able to tell patient where they can go to be seen for various eye conditions.
HB We could do an evening session on Dry Eyes or swollen discs as I see a lot of patients coming through PEARS with this, we have the money in the LOC accounts – JA/ DS will look into possible CET and try to arrange it.
Information Governance
DS There are a lot of things to cover with the changes in IG, if you don’t comply there are serious repercussions. We will wait until Rob is here then we can look into signing the abridged OOP version contracts.
Next LOC Meeting 13 March – please bring any outstanding bills for LOC to Helen that evening.
Provisionally AGM 24 April 2018
Meeting ended 9:00 PM

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