Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Minutes Tuesday 18th September

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 18 September 2018

Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Secretary East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Dee Singh (DS), Rob Hobson (RO), Deb Mullens (DB)

Attendees: Amy Seaman (AS), Karen Williams (Minutes)

Apologies: Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, Tanveer Hussain, Helen Bailey, James Allen, Azad Nawaz

Meeting started- 7:30 PM


1 LOC Website Update
2 CLOs and MECs
3 Sensory Needs and Learning Disability Programme
4 Any Other Business

Updating the LOC Website
EP I have been working on updating the website, we put out a proposal to get various quotes for the design of a new website to various companies and got back a range of quotes from £450 to £2900. Rob Hobson and I looked through them all and both agreed that the best two were from’ John R’ – who is an individual; his quote was £1200 and the other was from ‘Daffodil IT’ a Sheffield based company that has about 5 or 6 employees whose quote was £2160.
RO I went in detail through all the quotes and those two companies stand out as quotes that have made the effort and deliver a good end result.
RH What about the hosting of the website afterwards as we do pay for hosting now.
EP Quotes for hosting the website were put out separately so we can go with a different provider for the hosting. Our website is quite simple with 4 or 5 email addresses, so it should be straightforward to host. I will send out the information about the two best quotes for the website and hosting via email to the committee and we could decide by an email vote between the best two quotes.

AS I took the CLO course recently. The CLO course covered glaucoma and various modules including Goldman, Van Herricks and anterior eye conditions. It seems that anything front of eye we can do; but anything we can’t see (back of the eye) we have to refer on to an Optom. Twenty-two people took the course and passed.
RH The triage team may not be happy with that. When the PEARS referral comes through you could decide who does them and if they are suitable for you to do.
AS Also its unlikely that a DO will be in a practice without a pears Optom, but if we were unable to treat we would have to bring the patient back for another appointment or refer on to the Optom.
RH The individual practice will have to decide who treats the patient.
DM It will depend on what support CLOs get in there practice as to how much they are allowed to do.
RH Primary Eye Care services need to keep us informed of which practices are PEARS accredited as we have no information on this now.

Sensory Needs and Learning Disability Programme
RH The email about CET Accreditation came from Linda. We can get them to give us the relevant parts of the programme, also we need to arrange some CET Accreditation. Helen suggested that we do a PEAR Review soon.
DS December is the end of the accreditation cycle. The PEAR Review we hosted at Kenwood Hall was a big success.
DM I think we should maybe do it in spring to allow time to organise it.
RH So we will try for a PEAR Review next spring time.

Any Other Business
DM Mathew Edwards said he will come and talk to us about refractive surgery, so we will arrange that soon.

Meeting ended 8.10 pm

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