Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Minutes Tuesday 20th November 2018

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 20 November 2018
Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Secretary East Patel (EP), Helen Bailey (HB), Habib Shah (HS), Dee Singh (DS), Rob Hobson (RO), Mike Daybell (MD) Attendees: Nizz Sabir (NS), Amy Seaman (AS), Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Gerry Cowley, Tanveer Hussain, James Allen, Azad Nawaz, Deb Mullens
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1 GRR and CATS Protocol
2 LOCSU Levy Payments
3 LOC Dinner
4 LOC Website
5 Any Other Business
GRR and CATS Protocol.
RH I don’t have anything on paper about the new protocols.
HB I have something that says it is over 4.
RH We may need to put a caveat.
On the new PRR protocols Azad has pointed out that it says on the second visit a reason must be given if a full eye test is performed. The PRR guidelines say that the tonometry test must be part of an eye test. We can put that in for guidelines especially with reference to children.
LOCSU Levy Payments
HB LOCSU have sent an email asking if they can extract their part of the levy directly from the source (PCSE) rather than it coming from the LOC bank account. They are trying to streamline what they do but we would lose control of the payments, if we ever had any issues then the payments would be taken automatically. What do other people think?
MD If they did that and we wanted to stop using LOCSU any point; the payments could be cancelled or changed by the LOC if they wanted too.
RH LOCSU set the levy, so we don’t have any say on the amount if it was to change at all.
NS LOCSU are wanting this so they have a guaranteed amount on a set date which will help them streamline their accounts.
HB So we will change the payment methods as LOCSU requested.
LOC Dinner
RH Suggestions for the annual LOC dinner- The Florentine – Gerry will make the arrangements.
LOC Website
RH How is the website going?
EP There have not been many responses to the email asking which proposal was preferred, only 5 replies so far. The local company seems to be the favourite company.
DS We can have a vote now.
Everyone voted for the Sheffield based company.
RH We need to sort out new email addresses.
EP I was going to suggest that we move over to Outlook; there is a small monthly cost for using Outlook.
Any Other Business
NS PECs tendered for the contract on behalf of Sheffield LOC for PEARs, PRR etc. We have been notified that we have been awarded the renewal of this contract.
It is similar to what you had before, but it is for 2 years plus with an extension or one year although you have a historical contract we are looking at how we can re-align the services and hoping that we can talk again on post cataract services.
MD Did anything happen with urgent care?
RH There was going to be a meeting about urgent care but the whole area of urgent care in Sheffield is going to be changed so this has been shelved for now.
RH The manager of the unit at NGH is aware of the issues with private providers – the CCG looked at this and said this is not an audit thing but a hospital issue.
NS Now they have stopped paying for feedback most optoms are not filling out the forms and returning them and we need to pursue the issue to get some fee for filling out these forms as they do need this data.
DS There is an advertisement on smooth radio for private cataract ops for £2500.
NS Cataract surgery is going to become a big threat to the market place as it is becomes more widely offered.
RH I will arrange for Matthew Lee to come and talk to us at the LOC about refractive surgery.
RH we had a couple of different proposals, but they have been scrapped, it may come up again.
NS NOC from the NHS primary care has historically not included optoms but the NHS is supporting the optoms doing what they are doing.
Also, they have done 2 trials and they want to compare quiet suburban areas to busy urban areas so you need to make sure on the PRR that you put all reasons down on the form.
RH I have seen someone who was querying the cost of new glasses
NS If this does happen re post payment verification to anyone the first thing to do is to refer it to us at AOP so we can get involved, they are doing electronic GOS they will be looking for abnormal repair costs being put through.
RH I think the AOP should be looking again at the memorandum of understanding.
NS The guidance is that eye tests should be every 2 years so if you see someone before the 2 years you need to put a reason why; in case this is looked into later.
EP Regarding the accountable care partnership; I am going to their meetings at the moment but soon someone with knowledge of PEC may need to take over attending on LOC behalf – the meetings are linked to what we have been doing already like working with SPA in the community.
Also – where do we stand with requesting for VAs on HES prescriptions?
NS you can write to the practitioner who wrote the prescription to get the VAs.

Meeting ended 8:45 pm
Next meetings – 15 January 2019 and 12 March 2019

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