Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Minutes Wednesday 26th June

Sheffield LOC Meeting Wed 26th June 2018

Present – Rob Hughes, Helen Bailey, East Patel, Gerry Cowley, Tanveer Hussain, Rob
Hobson, Habib Shah, Amy Seaman, Azad Nawaz, Dee Singh
Apologies – Mike Daybell

Meeting commenced at 7.37pm

PEARS PROTOCOL – timescales have been discussed and are now set
Routinely referred patient must be contacted within one week of the referral by phone or by letter. If no reply or a fail to attend by the patient after one month, this should be reported as a no show. To do this, reply to the original email from SPA. They will then contact the practice who originally did the referral.
Urgently referred patients should be contacted within two days and seen within a week. Again, if no show then reply to original email after this time. Complaints received have been few but concern delays in being seen.
OCT facilities will be needed for some referrals in future. There are currently six PEARS practices in Sheffield with OCT. This is due to increase to eight in the near future.

PRR – Free NHS glasses for children need to be available at all practices conducting these
Clarification sought about what to do if a patient in being seen under PRR goes elsewhere for another test and dispense. If this occurs, it should be written in the comments section on the PRR form.

PRACTICE VISITS – need clarification on the local protocol knowledge that is required for
the visit. HB to seek clarification and feedback.

WEBSITE – EP currently seeking quotes for the building of the website. He will select the
best three and then the committee will vote for which one to use.
Features wanted need to be passed on to EP to then be included in the specification. Deadline for this is 13th July. After this EP will concentrate on gaining quotes and inform the committee of these at the next meeting.
Plans so far include the website containing a public view and a password protected practitioner view.
The PEC Sheffield website will possibly be incorporated into the new LOC website.

CET PROVISION – Plan to arrange an interactive CET evening in the future. Certainly
before the end of the current CET cycle.

PLANNED MEETINGS – Urgent care meeting is due to be set up with Alex
Meeting with Lee about post cataract care is being discussed

DISUSSED POINTS TO NOTE – Diabetic screening letters are worded as such that the
screening is being referred to as a test. This is confusing patients as they are then not attending their routine eye examination due to believing this has been done during the screening.
Free eye examinations on the purchase of spectacles is not permitted.
GOS are granting requests for some second pairs for under sixteen patients. Note the name of the person granting the request on the GOS voucher to be submitted.

Meeting adjourned at 8.55pm

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