Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 29th June 2010

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Monday 29 June 2010

Present: Phil Banton (PB) – Helen Bailey (HB) – Shirley Blundell (SB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Robert Hughes (chair) (RH), – D Mullens (DM) – Azad Nawaz (AN) – Ian Van Hoof (IVH) –Habib Shah (HS)- Sue Wilford (SW) – Helen Wilkinson (HW)

Guest: S Haigh (SH), R Oliver (RO)
In attendence: Pascale Quercioli

1. Apologies Mike Daybell – Tanveer Hussain – Will Walters

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 17 May 2010 were accepted, after minor corrections

3. Matters arising
SW commented that optoms do need to send audits of NHS complaints to the PCT.

RH reported that 11 optoms are to be trained on 9 August limited to people who have been qualified for over 5 years. There is a discussion of a cycle of 5 years experience. AG, HB and PB reported that they had referrals, which had nothing to do with optometry. SH requests that optoms let him know if the mistakes continue to filter through. GC reported that he has been receiving acknowledgment by fax and RH had by email. RIS email address is or will be posted on the website. RH reminded that a new data collection form had been devised by Linda Lyddement, which optoms are now required to fill in. SH to check why the information is required and what for. MD raised a question whether PEARS patients can be treated straight away without going through RIS referral. The majority of opinions is that optoms, should be able to self refer, which is legitimate. Decision to be made before the training in August. AN to send to send a copy of the new GOS to MD and PB to post one the website

5. Low Vision
RH had a report that a patient who stated that he could no longer go to hospitals appointments so is this time for Low Vision services to be made available in community optoms practices. HB reported that few optoms were interested on doing it when she investigated the matter. The only question was that it was uneconomical for optoms. IVH reported the situation in Derbyshire where the service is available in the community. The cost of the kit is around £ 1000. It is suggested to look at costs from the Hallamshire and a low level of enthusiasm. RO suggested that it worth looking at the PCT point of view to explore possibilities. AN to refer to the situation in Derbyshire and domiciliary service.

6. Glaucoma referral refinement
RH suggested the LOC consider a “lite” vision of the GRR scheme. Some discussion took place on what equipment is deemed to be appropriate and up to date to be allowed in the scheme. Although it is a core competency to qualify, some older optoms lack confidence in taking the readings, as it wasn’t a core competency until recently. It was decided either a Perkins or Goldmann tonometer could be used, costing around £ 1000. SH commented that the discussion should be about the service to be re-commissioned and include monitoring stable glaucoma patients, and that a working group should be set up to look at the whole situation. RH, AN and PB volunteered to represent the LOC. MB not present at the meeting will also be asked to join the working group.

7. Paediatric update
SB and IVH Meeting took place recently and it is reported that a lot of the information is already available. A couple of points were not included. As soon as the paperwork comes through opinions will be sought by emails. Any practices not visited will be accepted on the scheme pending on the visit. It is still hoped that the scheme will start in September when people will be invited along to a launch meeting. SB suggested that optoms do need some notice before starting with the scheme, which will go through RIS. The PCT will pay for the Logmar chart and the CRB check for any practice involved. (AN) offered to do a template on SB draft form.

8. Correspondence
• Pharmacists coming to the September meeting. RH asked for suggestions of topics when they attend. Topics suggested will be discussed in the August meeting.

8. Any Other Business

9. Date for next meeting:
2 August 2010 at 7.30
Meeting closed at 9.00

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