Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 10 July 2007

Present: David Timmins, Shirley Blundell, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, Will Walters, Gerry cowley, Phil Banton

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Robert Hughes, Jon Stokes

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 15th May 2007 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising
(i)*Children’s Eye Care:* Shirley Blundell and Gerry Cowley had a meeting with Linda Lyddament. She will be taking on the CEC but as yet doesn’t have a job description and is not sure what her role will be. Linda will take the proposed scheme to the Richard Oliver, Chair of the PEC, who will look at this after |July. Linda will keep the LOC committee posted. Sue Stentiford thought the LOC committee will want access to clinical audit information.

(ii)*Diabetic Eye Screening:* Will Walters reiterated that the scheme is running well. Shirley Blundell questioned the committee regarding one of her patients on DES who was experiencing sight problems and went to eye casualty. He requested his screening appointment be brought forward and was told it couldn’t happen. The patient wasn’t given any advice around what to do next. Shirley wanted to know if there is a protocol. The committee agreed a letter would be sent to DESP Committee regarding this.

Sue Stentiford spoke to the committee about some practices have been advising DESP patients that as well as screening they also need to have a sight test which is not correct. Sue is to write a letter reminding them that this is not correct procedure.

The committee agreed that regarding areas where screening uptake is low, having a camera in a community social place would work better.

(iii)*Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group:* Alex Gage feels that this committee will not regenerate.

(iv)*Low Vision Group:* Alex has taken over from David Shepherd. He has all his information/work but has not yet started work on anything yet.

Sue Stentiford asked does Mappin Street have people going there who are not registered blind? If yes do patients have to pay for the use of their packs?

(v)*Primary Care Trust:* Alex is on the committee until the end of July. The new committee will comprise of 2 PEC Chairs and 3 Clinicians who are likely to be GP’s. Alex has put himself forward to be co-opted onto the committee.

Alex told the committee that Jan S will be happy to meet with them. The committee discussed which questions could be put to Jan. The committee agreed that the primary reason for the meeting would be to formalize communications between LOC and the PCT. Sue Stentiford suggested highlighting all the schemes that are ready to run or running and where the problems are. Alex is to contact Jan to organise the meeting and also ask Jan what information he will want from the PCT.

(vi)*Website:* Nothing to report

1. Nothing to report

Any Other Business No other business.

Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 4th Sept, at The Beaucheif Hotel Abbeydale road at 7.30pm.

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