Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 10 October 2006

Present: Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, Jon Stokes, Rob Hughes, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: David Shepherd, David Timmins, Jon Whittle, Will Walters

1. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 8th August 2006 were amended. Shirley Blundell & Gerry Cowley had been recorded as being present at the meeting which was incorrect. With this amendment the minutes were then accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising
1) Children’s Eye Care: There is a meeting planned for 16th October at Shirley Blundell’s home. The object of the meeting is to discuss points within the proposal. At the meeting will be Shirley Blundell, Mike Daybell, Jon Stokes, Jon Whittle & Gerry Cowley. The proposal is being reviewed by Trevor Warburton, Patricia O’Sullivan & Lyndon Taylor. Mike Daybell suggested the possibility of approaching ex PCT people to help draw up proposals on a consultative basis. Mike is to contact Susan Hoath, AOP and ask for contact details and also if there is anyone else who may offer the service. John Duffy is to be sent the proposal.
2) Diabetic Eye Screening: The next meeting is in November. There hasn’t been a response to the letter sent out to all Sheffield optoms on the screening programme, regarding making clear the patients know that the eye exam and diabetic screening are two separate events.
There is a plan to stop domiciliary visits by optoms for diabetic eye screening. These people will be offered to be taken to the hospital for screening.
There is a list on the website of all optoms on the diabetic eye screening programme. Rob Hughes will suggest this list be sent out to all optoms by the DESP Committee. Rob will also ask that a questionnaire written by him gets sent out along with the leaflet and letter being sent to patients. This information will also go on to the website. Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: The last meeting in September was cancelled by Andea Pearson and no new date is set as yet.
3) Low Vision Group: Nothing to report.
4) Primary Care Trust: A Chief Executive Jan Sobieraj is to be appointed. He is not able to take up his duties straight away so in the meantime Tony Peddar will be acting Chief Executive.
5) Website: Nothing to add. Jon Stokes is still gathering information for the website re eye casualty. This are proposals within the Hallamshire hospital for the development of a multidisciplinary run eye “Walk in centre” and a consultant run acute referral centre to replace the current eye casualty unit.
6) Practice based commissioning: There is to be a consortium for different areas and the committee is to propose that each member of the LOC committee will be a liaison to each consortium. This is about reducing ophthalmology referrals. Alex Gage presented a list of the consortiums to the LOC committee with the names of committee members working closest to these groups. If the committee members agree with this proposal then he will send out letters to the consortiums giving details of which member will be their liaison. The object of the liaison is that they bring the consortium questions raised to the LOC committee.

3. Correspondence
(1) Letter from the Outside Clinic and Eye Care at Home Service. Included was a code of practice for domiciliary eye care. The letter was about raising awareness around home service.
(2) Balance Sheet and Accounts 30th June 2006 from the Central LOC Fund.
(3) Letter from a company (1st retinal screen) offering a presentable package for screening programmes.

4. Any Other Business

5. Date for next meeting: Tuesday 5th December 2006, at The Rutland Arms, Brown Street at 7.30pm.

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