Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield Loc meeting 10th June 2013

Sheffield Local Optical Committee

Minutes of the meeting held Monday 7.30 pm 10 June 2013
Beauchief Hotel, Sheffield

Present: Rob Hughes (RH) Chair, Helen Bailey (HB), Susan Wilford (SW), Azad Nawaz (AN), Deb Mullens (DM), Mark Daybell (MD), T. Hussain (TH), Gerry Cowley (GC), Habib Shah (HS)

In attendance: Sylvia Scanlan (SS) minutes

Apologies: Richard Oliver, Alastair Mew, Shirley Blundell, James Allen, Helen Wilkinson

Welcome and introductions: RH welcomed SS to the meeting. SS was introduced to group members.

1. Minutes of the last meeting (19 March 2013)

RH suggested that the group be in agreement with the minutes from the meeting held on 19 March 2013 and that they be approved as an accurate record. RH proposed and DM seconded. (Post meeting note: SW suggested slight typographical amendments before entry onto website. Chair agreed to action.)

2. Matters Arising

RH reported that he had heard nothing from RO regarding ocular hypertension discharges. There were no other matters arising from the meeting held on 19 March 2013.

3. Domiciliary Care

It was reported that protocols were not being followed and there was still a problem of having to give a notice of 3 weeks. An email from Linda Lyddament suggested that a system similar to that used by GPs be adapted for use by SLOC. The Committee discussed the process currently used to select GPs to Care Homes and the potential to have a similar method, and one point of contact, for domiciliary care.

Action: RH to contact Agnes McAuley to arrange a meeting to discuss further. AN willing to attend if needed.

4. Central LOC fund

An email which was received from the Central LOC fund concerning the voluntary levy had not been well received and no response had yet been given to Central LOC. The Committee asked that more information be requested to justify this request, as at this stage Sheffield LOC were not prepared to pay the levy.

Action: HB to seek further information from LOC to give clarity on this issue.

5. Enhanced Services Audit

The Enhanced Services Audit is to take place on 17 July 2013. Due to RH being unable to attend this meeting, which had been arranged to review in house services, MD agreed to attend on the Committee’s behalf. RH to forward background details contained in email. GC also agreed to attend to support MD. It was noted that Linda Lyddament, Alastair Mew and Richard Oliver from NHS Sheffield would also be in attendance at this review.

Action: MB and GC to attend Enhanced Services Audit at 722 Prince of Wales Road on 17 July 2013.

6. PEARS Training

RH gave an update re the PEARS training which had taken place:-
5 people had completed certificates
3 people waiting to get certificates
2 people originally going but not now
The next step is to organise further sessions and details have been recently circulated.

The following aspects of the current and future provision of PEARS training were discussed as follows:-
• The cost of provision, ie, for 6 consulting rooms for training (Specsavers have offered rooms – Rob to arrange best time to suit Specsavers). Training could be completed within one hour.
• ‘candidates’ need to have completed distance learning before can do this
• Suggested that date be set, posted on website to allow for online registration
SLOC are providing rooms and food, WOPEC are providing people and training
• Price to be estimated for 6 people completing training and for no more than 10
• Suggested that timings be inside of University semesters and that dates need to be circulated quickly. RH to email out to 8 to establish dates that cannot be done.
• MD agreed to be one of the first to be trained to be assessors
• GC and RH expressed an interest in becoming a WOPEC accredited assessor. MD would like to have details of timescales involved.

Action: RH to email 8 potential candidates. RH to find suitable dates for training and also to establish how long the process is likely to take. Both actions to be completed sooner rather than later.

7. LOC and the New NHS – issues for a LOCSU meeting
HS and DM are to attend the meeting in York next week and asked for any items/issues from the group to take to that meeting.

An issue was raised re the length of time to receive payments in Sheffield and that payments from April were still outstanding. However, it was anticipated that once an efficient system had been set up and running that this would not be a problem. LL is aware of the issue and is checking out. RH noted that SPA is a bit erratic and plans to visit. There were no further items identified to take to the meeting next week.

It was noted that there was a National PC list (apart from Wiltshire).

The Sheffield Primary Screening group have requested that all opticians supply evidence of vaccinations of their staff, as do pharmacists and dentists. There does not appear to be any funding available for this work to be completed and RH was advised to speak to own GP. MD suggested that RO/AM may be able to assist with this issue.

Action: HB to email GOC to seek further advice.

8. SRSB meetings

Lynsey Hughes had approached DM to attend SRSB meeting. DH advised that whilst she found the meeting interesting she did not feel that the topics were particularly relevant and did not warrant attendance at every meeting. It was agreed that DM would request sight of agenda items prior to agreeing to attend and review the situation.

9. CCG meetings

DM had a list of CCG meetings, all of which were scheduled to take place monthly on Wednesdays between 1.15 and 3 pm in the Boardroom at Prince of Wales Road. The last meeting attended, whilst being very interested, did not have anything to do with optometry. It was therefore suggested that meeting topic items be requested from Roni and circulated to the group as far in advance as possible.

SW suggested the meetings be divided up between group members. The following dates and member attendances were volunteered:-

26 June (RH)
31 July (Helen)
28 August (Sue)
25 September (Rob)
30 October (Mike)
20 November (Gerry)
18 December (Helen)

Attendance at meetings arranged for 2014 (22 January, 19 February and 19 March) are to be decided by the group at a later date.

Action: DM to contact Roni to try to get a list of topics as soon as possible.

10. Any other business

10.1 Peer review

AN reported on the progress of the Peer reviews and that a lot of good feedback had been received. The three sessions that had been completed had all been completely different but identified the importance to agree ground rules, to ensure that everyone was allowed and was comfortable when voicing their opinion. AN requested that a further Peer review take place prior to a meeting of this group and that this would ideally require 1.5 hours (6.30 to 8 pm).

RH suggested that Cooper Vision would be best able to do one and that the review be offered to a small group of 8 to 10 people maximum. Another option would be to host at a practice for example Woodhouse. It was suggested that a small group be targeted before handing out to everyone else and this would depend on how frequently Brad would like to travel. There was a strong interest in doing a ‘LOC members’ one first and RH to speak to Brad about this.

DM to enter details on website and to encourage ‘first come first served’ principle for those interested in attending.

Action: RH to speak to Brad re availability. DM to post details on webpage.

Date of next meeting

Due to a large number of planned absences for the July meeting it was decided that the next meeting of this group would be on 2 September 2013. Due to a Peer Review taking place prior to this meeting, it was agreed that the SLOC meeting would commence at 8 pm.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

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