Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 11th April 2005

Held at Rutland Arms.



The minutes of the last meeting were amended:

“consideration was given to the usefulness of Optometrists being connected to the NHS net”

“Emma Challens – generic patient audit. Emma has a proposal for an audit which she will email to”

Matters Arising:

The standard agenda is to be changed to incorporate the specific areas which regularly arise:

Diabetic Eye Screening:

Robert Hughes reported on his experiences using a camera for Diabetic screening, 18 acceptable photos undilated, 6 needed dilation , 2 couldn’t be photographed. It was noted that we are disappointed that the most expensive camera has been bought which limits the number of cameras and therefore patient choice without any perceived benefit, clinical or otherwise.

This has the consequence that the link between NHS ST and screening will be weakened, Px having NHS ST in one place and screening in another. The screening reminders must give Pxs this choice. It wasn’t an issue before because the screening was starting up, but Px will be loathe to change their practitioner who they perceive as doing a good job. The less sites have cameras the more this will happen. It isn’t legal to limit where a Px has their ST.

Then there is the issue of that Optom has a duty to notify the GP when examines a Diabetic Px, there is a specific AOP letter to use but most Optoms are unaware of it.

So very specific guidelines will be needed and probably a meeting, to explain the new system, what to do about non-diabetic pathology.

When the picture is separated from the NHS test a record of V/A is part of the NICE guideline, this is likely to be unsatisfactory.

DNA’s are likely to increase as a PX happy with their screening may not want to change practitioner, nor want to go to two separate places.

However separation of these functions will make it easier for those practices where the camera is not in the consulting room.

It was agreed that these issues would be raised by Rob and Sue at the next DESP meeting.

Joint Opthalmic Planning Group:

No recent meeting to report on. It was agreed that some specific areas that the LOC were uncomfortable with would be highlighted at the JOPG:

This last point need raising with Nick Ryan. Direct referral is considered a key part of the JOPG and efforts would be made to bring it to the top of the agenda.

Children’s Eye Screening:

It was felt that orthoptists are the best to screen kids, but some research is needed to find out what some of the school nurses are doing.

Clarremont direct cataract referral:

Rebecca Thorpe wants to draft forms and arrange a meeting with all Optoms, it was not considered to be a problem.


Reports are needed for the imminent web site on all the different areas the LOC covers, Gerry reminded every one to keep them short.


AGM reports required from, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman.


The new venue, upstairs at The Rutland Arms was approved, central location useful, the smaller table helped discussion, and it was more convenient for post meeting socialising.

The meeting was closed at 9.00pm

The next meeting, the AGM, was set for 7.00pm on May 16th in the same place.

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