Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 11th July 2016

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 11 July 2016

Present: Joint Chairman – Dee Singh (DS) and James Allen (JA), Michael Daybell (MD- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH), Matthew Lee (ML), Azad Nawaz (AZ), Rob Hughes (RH)
Attendees: From LOCSU – Nizz Sabir. Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Rob Hobson. Gerry Cowley
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. EGM.
2. Discussion after EGM regarding where we go from there.
3. OHT
4. Feedback from meetings e.g. LEHN

JA – Welcome to our guest Nizz Sabir. There were two resolutions that were not voted for at the AGM;
1. To increase the payment to LOCSU to 0.5%.
2. To keep the NHS levy at 1%.
RH – What is the financial position of the Sheffield LOC at the moment?
HB- The increase in funds will make £3000 difference. The LOC is financially OK, but we hold a low amount of funds compared to other LOCs. We had to spend a lot of money getting PEARS set up initially and if we had any similar expenses our funds would be used up quite quickly, and we would then need to increase the levy. We can increase the levy if we need to without putting it out to a vote.
EP-When was the levy last changed?
RH- It hasn’t been changed for a long time; it was before we stopped the voluntary levy about 10 years ago. I would suggest that we do not increase the levy at the moment but monitor the funds and increase in the future if necessary. I intend to pay all expenses quarterly so we can pick up on any changes in the level of funds.
RH- If OHT goes ahead then we expect training costs to be fairly minimal, and if some training is necessary the distance learning from WOPEC is free so the expenses would be paying for the LOC committee members’ time in organizing the setting up of OHT.

JA – Only four people not on the LOC committee responded to the email we sent out regarding these proposals.
ML -What is the alternative to using LOCSU services if we were to choose not to pay them?
RH – If we don’t increase the levy LOCSU will not help us with any negotiations anymore, locally or nationally.
NS- You do have a choice but LOCSU are responsible for the free training via WOPEC and may other bodies who work on a national level in optometry. There are many areas in which we can be of help to Sheffield LOC.
JA – If we lose LOCSU we will also lose WOPEC and MECs.
RH- In Sheffield LOCSU is not on our books at all.
NS- But as you have insurance through LOCSU your parent company in Sheffield is LOCSU. However LOCSU doesn’t have any say in your company regarding what you do or don’t do.
RH -LOCSU are expensive but also useful to us.
MD – Also there is no one else. I can’t see anything negative about LOCSU other than we have had very little use of them so haven’t really had value for money so far.
NS –Sheffield LOC should get more value for money from LOCSU as we will be helping out Sheffield LOC with any further negotiations and setting up of contracts. In the future there is expected to be a lot of changes in the NHS nationally and LOCSU will be negotiating on behalf of all the regional LOCs.
RH – We have always tried to keep our levy as low as possible so it is not necessary to increase the NHS levy at the moment.
JA -Who wants to vote for the .5 % increase in the levy to LOCSU?
Show of hands The motion is passed.
JA- Who wants to keep the NHS levy at 1%?
Show of hands The motion is passed.
It is to be noted in the minutes that the NHS levy can be raised by .5% within the period between AGMs by the LOC committee if it is deemed necessary.
2.Discussion after EGM regarding where we go from there.
JA- What is LOCSUs plan for the next year?
NS -We are intending to increase MECs Services all over the country and PEARS.
DS- We were sent a load of MECs codes but no one has contacted us to ask for them.
RH -We need to contact the independent contractors again to let them know what is happening.
The problem in Sheffield is the way the original contract was set up will make it really hard to unpick.
NS – NHS commissioning and what the hospital actually want are different things. Also looking at the long term picture Ophthalmology departments have to contract out some services as they get increased demand for their services due to changing population demographics. Orthopaedics and ophthalmology are very costly areas in the NHS so they want to change the way things are done in these departments.
3. OHT
MD- We have a meeting on Thursday to discuss OHT monitoring in the community with Charles Heatley, Linda Cutter, Linda Lidament and Jenny Milner so we would like you to come to the meeting as our LOCSU representative.
MD- We do not know what the tariff codes are that are used in the hospital. Also it is hard to find any data to show what CCG pays the hospital.
JA -Unless OHT pays enough Otoms will not take on the work.
NS-We can use this as a fact finding mission and find out what they want and what they are offering. There is a new training scheme funded by the NHS England and University of Bradford to train Optoms for glaucoma certification. There is going to be a new national glaucoma committee set up.
JA- What does Doncaster do with the drops patients?
NS -Every 2 years every patient on drops or not has to go back to hospital for checkups. There is a new phrase ‘optometry first’.
RH- To be a PEARS practitioner you have to do PEARS distance learning too. When it gets close to being commissioned we will contact all practices and let them know what the scheme is and how is will work for them to try and get as many practiced as possible involved in the scheme.
JA –If Simon Longstaff is retiring it would be useful to meet up with the other two new consultants on his team.
MD –I will ask Simon to arrange an introduction.
4.Feedback from meetings e.g. LEHN

DS- We had a meeting today and Dawn shot down the OHT scheme.
NS- We have a new LOCSU member who was previously on a CCG in London, they want to have the same deal with each area and cut down the number of CCGs. Sheffield is ahead with its organization and the other areas need to be brought up the same standard.
TS- I have had a few referrals asking for OCT.
RH- You can refer them to hospital as you can’t charge the patient or charge extra.
JA -Sometimes patients ask for OGT on triage.
JA- I have been asked who deals with very young childrens eye tests.
RH- I will pass on a list of Optoms who are happy to take on these patients, i.e. under 3 years old.

Meeting ended 9:15 PM

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