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Sheffield LOC Meeting 12th May 2009

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 12 May 2009

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey, Shirley Blundell Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell (Chair), Robert Hughes, David Inman, Richard Oliver Sue Stentiford, Ian Van Hoof,

Apologies : Alex Gage

Guest: Angela Billings – Infection Control at NHS Sheffield

In attendance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 24 March were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising
• Each committee member leading on a scheme is required to write a short summary to post on the website.

I. PEARS Scheme: Mike and Helen made a presentation to GPs which was well received and it is hoped a good uptake will result. The live date is 1 June. It is noted that one GP has reported not to be keen on the idea of direct optom to optom referral, or PEARS optoms self referring. However, the scheme works well in other parts of the country, it demonstrates a better clinical approach and is supported by NHS Sheffield, it is important that as many GPs as possible sign up to the scheme.

II. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: Replay are booked to deliver more training in June. The intention was that it is part of the Pears Scheme however it is excluded in the service specification template recently circulated. Richard Oliver suggested that there was no reason not to put a PEARS 2 scheme in place at a later date.

III. Children’s Eye Care: A second meeting has taken place with all concerned which it is felt was well received. Richard Oliver is to pick this up with Jonathan Smith at NHS Sheffield with the hope that the scheme is live from September 09.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: Alex and Robert attended a meeting to discuss in encrypted data on CDs and emails. However the encrypted CDs cannot be read and the emails cannot be opened. The result is that non encrypted information is circulating with a potential risk to the data. Richard Oliver suggested a letter is sent to the PCT re the risk to the patient to help sort the situation with STH. Robert commented that he felt there was still some clarification required at the hospital and that there was still resistance to optoms doing the grading. Robert commented that the latest audit had been received which was no different to the previous one.

V. Low Vision Group: It is hoped to re energise the group. Helen to contact Norman in the hope that the service is resumed in Sheffield, with practices offering LV services, in collaboration to Mappin street centre. It is suggested to include this in the letter sent regarding registration to the website. Mappin Street centre should be invited in all discussions.

VII. Primary Care Trust: Richard Oliver explained that there are funds at NHS Sheffield to pay for a venue and refreshments for a training session with the Optoms. SLOC to organise facilitators/speakers. Some suggested items for the training lecture are Glaucoma – Infection Control – Safeguarding Children. Ian agreed to coordinate. All suggestions of themes should be sent to him.

VIII. Website: The Committee congratulated Robert Hughes on the progress in developing the website. However registration uptake remains low and it was suggested the SLOC contact all optoms in Sheffield via Liz Keyworth to ask them all to register to access the vital information to their business posted on the website, in the hope that the uptake will improve. Richard Oliver suggested a list between the NHS Sheffield website to the SLOC website.

All received have been emailed to the committee members.

Any Other Business
1. Angela Billing, NHS Sheffield Nurse leading on Infection Control (IC) attended the meeting to explain her role and to find out what could be done in practices to improve IC, particularly as the PCT would require all practices to have a IC policy in place and this would be part of the yearly audit visit carried out by the PCT. Sue explained that there are clear established guidelines from the College. Angela suggested a concise template could be designed with IC guidelines to be available in all practices for staff. Training is available as part of a national e-learning package launched in March 09. It is suggested that initially CDs would be helpful. Discussion took place on how to disseminate the information and it is felt this could be posted on the SLOC website. It is also suggested that a joint PCT/SLOC letter be sent out to all optoms to highlight their responsibility for IC and the PCT visits to practices. Angela commented that staff training is vital and referred to the recent study day organised by the dentistry when she delivered some training. Her training could be included to the next optoms lecture (part funded by the PCT).

2. Phil Banton informed the committee that he is producing a stop smoking leaflet, on the effect of smoking on eyesight following the stop smoking Claire Holden’s presentation in the last meeting, which he will present at the next SLOC meeting for comments/approval.

2. CPD Scheme: Sue Staniforth explained that a new e-learning package is proposed which is shortly to be tested over the next 3 months and members are strongly required to give feedback. It is available as a link on the college website (Helen Cook is the contact).

3. Mike Daybell informed the meeting that he is attending an awards evening in Birmingham next week for the SLOC.

4. Gerry clarified that mileage expenses is 45p per mile for the first 60 miles then 25 p per mile.

5. SLOC Annual dinner – 14 July at Piccolino in Sheffield – Pascale to book and organise.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 7 July at 7.30
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 10.30

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