Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 13 March 2007

Present: David Timmins, Sue Stentiford, Rob Hughes, Shirley Blundell, Jon Stokes, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: John Whittle, Alex Gage, David Inman, David Shepherd

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 23rd January 2007, were proposed and required two amendments. Add the word pre proliferative to section 2 (ii) and change the references re John Whittle to Jon Stokes. With these amendments the minutes where then accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising
(i) Children’s Eye Care: Shirley Blundell has contacted David Calow from the PCT who was going to investigate and look at the statistics for children’s eye screening. He is being made redundant in a month’s time and has no interest in finding out who will be dealing with this matter. There has been a reply to the letter Shirley sent to the school nurses. They have declined to comment on the matter. The letter and response will be put on the website. The committee agreed that Jon Stokes is to draft a letter to Jan Sobieraj, informing him of the efforts we are making to ensure that screened children are seen within the community and our reservations about the level of screening that is being carried out within our schools.

(ii) Diabetic Eye Screening: The next meeting is Thursday 15th March 2007. They will be discussing two basic questionnaires for the people on or offered the screening. 1st How was your treatment? 2nd Why are people not taking up the scheme? (these will be sent to all patients who haven’t taken up the scheme) Rob Hughes informed the committee that people who will need a further appointment aren’t getting their results until they are sent a next appointment date. This could take a few weeks and is due to an administrative failure which should easily be rectified. The committee agreed that the LOC could draw up a business plan to be offered to the PCT, outlining how a practice already owning an approved camera could slot into the diabetic screening scheme as the number of diabetics starts to overload the existing practices. Realistically this is some way off as there are a number of screening practices who still see few diabetics. It was considered sensible to create a plan so it can be taken off the shelf when needed. Currently the pct has no money so there is no prospect of immediate change.

(iii) Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: This committee appears to have dissolved. Since the hospital consultants have cancelled meetings at short notice and after initial enthusiasm show no interest in liaising.

(iv) LMC (Local Medical Committee) meeting attended by Sue Stentiford and Shirley Blundell. LMC is aware that GP’s are over referring to hospitals. They want suggestions from the LOC on how to improve referrals. Sue handed out a list of suggestions they could offer. One of the options is a list of what Optoms can offer and how to refer to them. It was agreed that Rob Hughes would email the LMC for a general list of who to refer to. It was agreed that also included as best practice is that the patient takes the referral letter from their optom direct to he GP practice.

Mike Daybell met up with The Hallam Consortium at the Nethergreen Surgery. Mike is going to an exercise of looking at 100 referrals to the NHS and see what could have been dealt with within local optom practices.
(v) Low Vision Group: Nothing to report
(vi) Primary Care Trust: Nothing to report
(vii) Website: Jon Stokes told the committee everything was up to date and working well. Jon requested updates from all the various groups that committee members are involved with for the website.

1. Information from AOP regarding a special meeting at the National Optometric Conference. They requested appointing a proxy to vote on behalf of the Sheffield LOC about the proposal to establish a Central Support Unit for Local Optical Committees. Jon organized the vote of agreement for this proposal.

Any Other Business
Organizing a dinner for David Shepherd’s leaving the committee. Date/venue to be arranged. Sue Stentiford is to speak to David regarding this.
Some one has died?????????
5. Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 15th May 2007, at The Beauchief Hotel, 7.30pm start time.

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