Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

sheffield LOC meeting 13th January 2014

Minutes of meeting SLOC 13/1/14
7.30pm Beauchief Hotel

Apologies from Azad Hussain, Gerry Cowley, Habib Shah
Attending Rob Hobson[RHo], Rob Hughes[RH] D Singh [DS] Deborah Mullens[DM] Shirley Blundell [SB] Tan Hussain[TH] James Allen[JA] Helen Wilkinson[HW] East Patel[EP] Helen Bailey[HB] Mike Daybell[MD]

• Discussion of minutes from November meeting [25/11/13]

SB Queried regarding the notes on PVD and if there had been a protocol agreed with RHH ophthalmologists regarding our assessment of potential PVD patients.
RH noted that RO had requested detail about how PVD is dealt with in PEARS and said that potentially all PVD assessment might move to a secondary care pathway.

SB mentioned that in discussion with a consultant Ophthalmologist at SCH they had felt that PEARS management of PVD was very reasonable.

Minutes proposed and seconded

• RH said that most of those asked had replied that they would be happy to learn to do scleral indentation if required. DM & SB commented that the procedure is difficult and would not want to perform it.
• The plan moving forward was to carry on managing PVD as now until further notice.

LOC Company
• HB informed the group that we have official incorporation of the LOC company. The LOC company needs an objective statement , which LOCSU did not provide.
• HB has been in discussion with LOCSU and has managed the initial set up of the company.
• HB/RH confirmed that Linda Lydament would administrate the payments to performers.
• HB expressed that there would be a need to have a full service specification for each of the enhanced services, and a general discussion about this followed, with agreement that in creating these specifications it was an opportunity to be thorough and water tight in these documents.
• RH told the committee that in correspondence with LOCSU, they were putting pressure on us to have the LOC company up and running for the start of the new NHS contracts in April, rather than have all the current enhanced service sub contractors file their own contracts as they have recently been asked to do by NHS Sheffield. There followed a discussion about the issue of rushing ahead the company, and it was agreed that this was not a satisfactory situation and that we should proceed as now in developing a stable organisation, completely ready for the challenges ahead.
• RH mentioned having capability for choose and book in practices, but at present this will have to proceed via SPA.

Independent prescriber

• RH noted that there is a new practitioner who has IP status who is asking the LOC about setting up a service based on this. There was a group discussion regarding the possibility of a single IP being set up as a lone service provider and it was concluded that this would not be possible due to issues of coverage, governance and local protocols.

PEARS formulary
• There was a brief talk about the drugs most useful to PEARS optometrists, and what would we could add to the current list. This led on to discussion around PEARS reporting.

Meeting concluded at 8.40 pm
Next Meeting: Tuesday 25 th February 7.30pm

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