Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 14th March 2005


Sue Stentiford, Alex Gage, David Shepherd, David Timmins, Jon Stokes, Gerry Cowley, Will Walters, Mike Daybell

In attendance:

Christine Hagin


Robert Hughes, Jon Whittle, Shirley Blundell

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 28th February 2005 were amended by G Cowley.

Matters arising

Diabetic Eye Screening

Feedback from the latest meeting was that there will be 20 cameras, a fee of £10 per screening and the optometric practice won’t have to pay an annual maintenance charge. The camera systems are to be connected to NHS network Mike Daybell has spoken to Phil McCorry re this.

Three retinal cameras are currently in practices in Sheffield as a trial run.

Question to be raised with Nick Ryan re the Orion software is who will pay for this if the practice already has a camera? A quote will be needed for the software.

G Cowley asked how would the practices be selected? This could be by geographical spread throughout the city. The committee agreed that this could cause problems around patient choice. If the patient’s optometrist isn’t on the scheme, the optometrist can do a GOS test and then send them to another optometrist that is on the scheme.

Alex Gage asked Mike Daybell (who already has a camera) what happens when the photos are not good enough. Mike said some people would need dilating. The committee agreed that a question to find out the percentages around this should be added to the audit.

Sue Stentiford suggested that if anyone gets asked to leave the scheme, they should be given 3 months notice. This should be given both ways in or out.

Another question raised is what happens in five years time when the contract is due for renewal?

Direct Referral – email from Mike Nelson

The committee discussed the contents of the email, as feedback is needed for the next JOWP meeting on the 12th April. The Hospital Trust will provide a Directory of Services. The system will stay paper based. If a patient needs ophthalmology the optom will use a GOS 18 referral form, which will go to a central clinic.

In Mike Nelson’s email the committee had concerns with regard to his paragraph about questionable replies. Mike Daybell is to email Mike Nelson with these concerns.

Emma Challens – Generic Patient Record Cards

Emma has a proposal for a card, which she will email to the committee for feedback.

Emma also wanted ideas for audits and proposed to revisit the referral feedback audit. Emma offered to work out a patient questionnaire re clinical governance in optometry practice.

Statutory Level

The committee agreed there will be no increase this year


This will be launched at the end of May. Notification will be sent to all optoms with the AGM letter.



Any Other Business

HES1 form – Jon Stokes handed copies of this form to all committee members asking for feedback by email.

Date for next meeting:

Pre AGM meeting, 11th April 2005. Venue is The Rutland Arms, Brown Street Sheffield S1. Time 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

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Copthorne Hotel
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