Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 15 May 2007

Present: Sue Stentiford, Alex Gage, Jon Stokes, Mike Daybell, Rob Hughes, Gerry Cowley

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Shirley Blundell, David Timmins, David Shepherd, John Whittle

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 13th March 2007 were accepted with an amendment to Children’s Eye Care paragraph, as a correct record.

Matters arising
(i) Children’s Eye Care: Lynda Liddament is going to take this under her wing and will contact Shirley Blundell over the next few weeks.

(ii) Diabetic Eye Screening: Up to date figures show that 13,408 screenings out of 20,476 were carried out during April 2006 to March 2007. This equates to 65% of target. There are a couple or areas in Sheffield where the uptake is low and targets aren’t being met. This is being looked into.

(iii) Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: Alex Gage asked about the Directory of Services. Jon Stokes is to enquire where things stand with regard to this. He will try to source a list of all Consultants with their specialties.
OS18 referral form – the committee agreed that if optoms should consider a written referral form they make it clear and legible.

(iv) Low Vision Group: Alex Gage is to take on the lead regarding LVA.

(v) Primary Care Trust:
• Simon Kirk, Director of Strategy has not as yet contacted the LOC Committee.
• Nick Ryan, Assistant Director of Performance is leaving.
• Lynda Liddament doesn’t have a job description.
• There is a possibility that the liaison post will disappear and the LOC Committee is waiting for assurance of what form of communication they will have with the PEC. The committee agreed that a letter is to be sent to Simon Kirk by Jon Stokes voicing concerns around this.
• Extra refining referrals scheme – Lynda Liddament has said the PCT will pay for training LOC members. Sunday 8th July is the proposed training day. Mike Daybell is to speak to Robert Harper and Paul Spry and say yes to the training and ask if the date could be changed to allow for more time to organize.

(vi)*Website:* Nothing to report.

(vii) Paper Triage: Hallam & West consortium has made progress in the triage system. They now need a meeting with the LOC committee. The committee agreed this should be done by two optoms more involved in doing the service. Mike Daybell is to ask Helen to email the consortium proposal.

1. Letter from Sheffield PCT advising committee on new conciliators and asking do they have any objections. Jon Stokes is to reply and also let them have all contact details of LOC Committee.
2. Letter from LOC Central Support Unit, encouraging LOC Committees to get involved with newly formed PECS and Consortiums.

Any Other Business
The AGM annual dinner will be held at the Vicarage Hotel, Ridgeway on Wednesday 6th June 2007.

Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 10th July, 7.30pm held at the Beauchief Hotel, Abbeydale Road South, S7.

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