Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

sheffield LOC meeting 15th october 2013

notes for meeting SLOC 15/10 Present: RH, DM, JC ,SB ,JA ,HB, GC apologies HW,AN, MD, HS, TH, RO, AM

Dee Singh, Rob Hobson, East Patel

RH- addressed the meeting:
• Advised that Sylvia Scanlan no longer able to take minutes/ deliver admin.- new person needed – dm to advertise at RHH, Also minutes from previous meeting will be made available asap.

LOC company- RH informed that, in discussion with Alistair Mew, the CCG requirement that AQP is the route to be established for any enhanced services, means that potentially the Loc need to establish a commissioning company to over see local practices wishing to take part in the schemes.
The CGG are requesting that is in place by the end of the year.

• HB raised several issues with this: Time scales are very tight, LOC finances are lower than usual due to ongoing difficulties obtaining the levy since the change to the CCG. The company will need a substantial amount to have in the bank – possibly up to £20,000. Finding this amount at short notice will be a problem.
• Discussion followed about the viability of taking on the administration of these services, from a financial, and legal standpoint.
• Significant issues were seen in paying for the scheme to be run- either from a levy from the current ES fees, or direct from the CCG
• HB agreed to liaise with LOCSU regarding all aspects of starting the Company.
• Rh,HB,DM,GC volunteered in principle to become directors of the LOC company, agreed by those present.
• RH advised that LL had offered to take on the job of administration of the payment to practices for ES. The group talked about this and the complications involved in running the schemes.
• There was some discussion about the subject of shares in the company and how they might be allocated.

Conclusion- HB to get info/help from LOCSU regarding the LOC Company set up
RH- arranging a meeting with AM and RO to discuss issues we have raised.
A further LOC meeting may be arranged in the interim to discuss further.

• There was a brief discussion regarding cataract referral and the delays starting to appear in treatment due to increased numbers.
PVD – when to refer, was discussed – DM to make further enquiry with RHH consultants as to local advice on this.
• The subject of Local OA provision was raised with concerns about the current practice visits.
Meeting closed 9.15pm
Next meeting November 25th

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