Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 16th November 2009

Sheffield LOC Interim Meeting 16th November 2009

Present: Philip Banton, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell (Chair), Alex Gage,
Ian van Hoof, Rob Hughes, David Inman, Sue Stentiford

Guests: Steven Haigh, Richard Oliver

Apologies: Helen Wilkinson

This meeting was arranged as a few issues had arisen which needed more urgent attention.

I. Children’s Eye Care: Shirley Blundell presented the proposal for a revised fee structure for the Paediatric referral refinement pathway.

First appointment: GOS Sight test £20.23
PCT Reimbursement £25.00
Total £45.23
Second appointment: PCT Reimbursement £25.00
(6 week compliance and VA check)
Third appointment: GOS Sight test £20.23
(12 weeks or 6 months if necessary) PCT Reimbursement £25.00
Total £45.23
Mike Daybell raised concerns that the first appointment fee may be insufficient on occasions where the child requires more than one appointment to complete a full examination. It was suggested that as part of the first years audit if a significant number of children are found to require additional appointments the fee structure could be amended.
Following discussion the committee unanimously agreed to accept the proposed fee structure.

II. Referral Information Service (RIS): It is proposed that all GOS 18 referrals received at the RIS will be scanned and emailed via NHS mail to an optometrist for referral triage. The RIS will then contact the patient with a choice of service providers and also contact the patients GP.
It is hoped that eventually all ophthalmological referrals received at the RIS will be dealt with in this way. The committee agreed to the proposal in principal.
Richard Oliver is to attend a meeting with Sheffield GP’s on 24 November to discuss this further.

III: Revised GOS18 Form: Sue Stentiford presented the revised GOS18 currently used in other areas. The committee felt that the new form is an improvement on the original GOS18. Some minor alterations were felt necessary for local use. Sue will make the alterations discussed and email a copy to committee members for comment and further discussion.

Date for Next Meeting: Tuesday 1 December
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 8.10 pm

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