Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 17th January 2005


David Timmins, Alex Gage, Jon Stokes, Robert Hughes, David Shepherd, Sue Stentiford, Will Walters

In attendance

Christine Hagin


Gerry Cowley, David Inman, Shirley Blundell, Mike Daybell

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 29th November 2004 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Talks for children in school – Alex Gage has taken the request for funding to the Sheffield Children’s and Young Peoples Joint Planning Group part of the Sheffield South East PCT.

Joint Ophthalmic Working Party Group (WPG) – Nick Ryan chaired the meeting and Alex Gage reported that the meeting went well. He told the committee that Nick Ryan and himself will be attending the Confirm and Challenge meeting on the 19th January. Sue Stentiford requested that all LOC Committee members should receive copies of the minutes of WPG meetings. Alex Gage to action. The next WPG meeting is the 8th February 2005.

LOC Committee Members report – Sue Stentiford proposed that any committee members who are working with other groups i.e. LBA, Diabetic Screening, WPG, should write a brief report on their area, which could be collated and sent to all Sheffield, based optoms. The email addresses of committee members could be sent with this.

Diabetic Screening – Robert Hughes informed the committee that Joanne Wilson has said they are going ahead with Canon Cameras. Joanne wants to stay at 20 cameras. They are doing a 4-camera pilot. The plan is not to pay a fee to the optoms for screening. Joanne says that optoms will have to negotiate with PCT’s re funding for screening. Jon Stokes suggested a fair way would be to do a certain number of screenings for no fee, which could mean the practice owns the camera. The LOC Committee said they are not happy with a fee for screening and other many other parts of the set up. The committee agreed a letter should be sent to all optoms saying this. Sue Stentiford to action. Alex Gage suggested the LOC also write to the PCT’s, South West and North saying they are not happy with Diabetic Screening funding. Sue Stentiford to action.

Secondary Graders – would any optoms be interested. Chris Brand asked Sue Stentiford to put this to the committee members.

Cataract Choice Pilot – direct referral – all patients have chosen Sheffield Hospitals.

Communication with Sheffield Optoms – Jon Stokes suggest a quarterly newsletter to keep optoms informed. Sue Stentiford is to contact Liz Keyworth re updated names and addresses.


There wasn’t any correspondence.

Any Other Business

Date for next meeting

The next meeting date is 28th February. Proposed date for AGM – 9th May 2005. Proposed date for Pre AGM – 11th April 2004.

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