Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 18th October 2004


Sue Stentiford, Robert Hughes, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, David Shepherd, Alex Gage, Shirley Blundell, David Inman

In attendance

Christine Hagin


Will Walters, David Timmins


Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 6th September 2004 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Nick Ryan and Philip McCorry addressed the meeting regarding patient’s choice to Choose and Book for cataract surgery. All patients will be able to electronically book by December 2005. By August 2005 there will be a booklet re choice policy and referrals. By December 2004 there will be a choice of 2 providers, which will increase to 4 or 5 by 2005. The LMC newsletter has decided not to support Choose & Book. This decision is based on earlier evidence of not a huge percentage of take up. The LMC also don’t feel they have the IT equipment to deal with Choose and Book.

Mike Daybell asked what are the benefits for Choose and Book?

Nick and Phil gave these answers:

The aim is to get cataract waiting list down to 3 months. In Sheffield the Waiting list will be 6 weeks by Christmas. The PCT’s will be sending a basic leaflet to all optoms stating choices for patients. If optoms recommend there may be a problem if anything goes wrong, Nick urges caution around this.

Mike Daybell requested that PCT’s provide optoms with stats re who has done what and the success rate.

Sue Stentiford asked what is the pathway for referral if Patient chooses for them. Phil replied that at the moment there is no clear system. They are looking at centrally collecting referrals. The plan is to pilot the scheme in Sheffield via the LOC committee and Phil & Nick to come back 3-4 months down the line to say what is happening. Leaflets will be going out to pilot optoms by December.

Baseline assessment questionnaire – David Inman reported that questions had been added re Clinical Governance. Managers from PCT’s want to go along with David on the practice visits. The intention is to push forward “best practice procedures”, that are tangible.

Ian Rennie – Gerry Cowley has written to Ian on behalf of the committee requesting a meeting with him. Ian has suggested the 15th November at the Moat House. Sue Stentiford suggests that the committee meet prior to this meeting to set an agenda. This was decided, 7.30pm on 1st November at the Red Deer. It was agreed that Diabetic Screening would also be discussed.

PDT Meeting – Sue Stentiford attended. The broad outline is that everyone needs to dilate and optoms should be paid for this. The committee agreed that they would ask £20 for this procedure, (but would settle for £15).

Falls meeting – Shirley Blundell was willing to go in place Of Alex Gage but the PCT wouldn’t pay for her. Sue Stentiford is sending a letter of complaint re this.

LOC Constitution – Sue Stentiford suggest the committee adopts AOP Constitution. The committee voted yes to this.


There wasn’t any correspondence.

Any Other Business

Eyecare Working Group and Optical Working Group – David Inman informed the committee re this. This group has been set up in Derbyshire, meets every couple of months. The Assistant Director of Service Development, Nick Ryan chairs the group. The intention is to get action on all relevant aspects. David has been sent a copy of meeting agenda, terms of reference and minutes of the meeting. (a copy of this will be sent to all committee members).

The committee agreed that when they meet with Ian Rennie on 15th November Nick Ryan would also be invited to attend, (Alex Gage to organise this) Mike Daybell suggested inviting John Whittle, which he will organise.

To enable Christine to send copies of various forms, it was proposed a scanner be purchased. The committee agreed. Christine is to action this.

Date for next meeting

The date for the next meeting will be Monday 15th November. The meeting will be held at the Sheffield Moat House. Gerry Cowley is to confirm the time. Meeting closed at 9.00pm.

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