Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 19 September 2005

Present: Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, Will Walters, David Timmins, David Inman, Mike Daybell, Gerry Cowley, Jon Stokes, Shirley Blundell, David shepherd.

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Jon Whittle

1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 20th June 2005 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

(i) NOC Conference to be held on 6th October 2005 in York. On the agenda will be “Negotiating with PCT’s.”. G Cowley, M Daybell, S Stentiford, A Gage will be attending.

(ii) LOC Committee Protocol. The committee agreed the following procedures.

(iii) Clinical Audit Programme – A Gage informed the committee that Emma Challens is the co-ordinator. The optoms doing the audit will be required to pull out 20 client records and answer an A4 page of questions re what is recorded on the client record cards. This will be sent Emma who will collate the information. She will also review last year’s referral feedback. The committee agreed that the audit is a good idea although there is some concern over the time it will take.

(iv) LVA Form – Norman Creighton is wishing to know from committee members how many of these forms have been handed out. Members are to pass this information on to A Gage and he will inform Norman Creighton.

(v) Diabetic Screening Programme – A fee has been set at £5per set of four dilated fundus photographs with VAs. The DSP also require £2000 pa towards maintaining the cameras. The DSP committee has requested four names (2 principles and 2 named seconds) of LOC members who will be attending the DSP meetings. R Hughes and W Walters are the two named principles. A letter is to be sent by R Hughes to the DSP stating this. If they need to be substituted the DSP will be informed in advance. Any substitutes will be LOC committee members.
The LOC committee has asked that the DSP let all members know if and when additional people will be attending the meetings. Jon Stokes suggested sending a letter to all optoms (or statement on the Website?) saying where the LOC committee stand in regard of the new DSP set up. S Stentiford to draught this letter.

(vi) Falls Pathway – screening for people at risk of falling. One of the questions to be included is when was the last time their eyes were tested? If this was more than one year it will be suggested they contact their optometrist.

3. Correspondence

5. Any Other Business

1. G Cowley resigned as LOC committee Secretary.

The committee agreed that the new secretary would be a two year post.

2. Date for next meeting:

The date for the next meeting will be 18th October 2005. The meeting will be held at the Rutland Arms, Brown Street at 7.00pm.

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