Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 19th January 2004


Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Alex Gage, Robert Hughes, Sue Stentiford, David Timmins, Will Walters.

In attendance

Christine Hagin


Richard Bevan, Mike Daybell, David Shepherd

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 1st December 2003 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Feedback from S Stentiford and G Cowley re the diabetic screening conference. The diabetic committee are putting a ceiling limit on numbers seen per practice per year. This could be seasonally adjusted. The screening will be kept linked to a GOS test.

Diabetic Screening Questionnaire. S Stentiford to make a spreadsheet with the results and will email to the committee.

Action on cataracts; cat scoring forms – the information is being collated for statistics only. Graded number and referred number. Alex thought they wouldn’t be linked. If thinking about referring, then score it.

LVA Form; committee agreed the national form was not good. The local form is more patient friendly. Will Walter’s comments were that the positive thing in the new form was highlighting driving licences. The committee suggested the form should be filled in by the Optometrist and BD8 payment made. S Stentiford agreed to give response from committee to David Shepherd.

Kid’s Eye Screening; S Stentiford not heard from David Thompson, will write to him.

ACT; Sheffield based training company who are overseeing further education. G Cowley agreed to communicate with GOP suggesting that Local AOP confer with ACT re training.

Glaucoma Direct Referral; this is being discussed with Simon Longstaffe, a £15 fee has been suggested for this.


Any Other Business

A date was decided for annual committee dinner. Wednesday 24th March. Venue, The Old Vicarage at Ridgeway. Possible guests are Nick Ryan (Alex to sort), John Talbot, Joanne, Bev Bristow (David Shepherd to sort).

Date for next meeting

Monday 29th March 2004, Fulwood House, Board Room at 7.00pm.
The meeting was closed at 21.00.

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