Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 1st December 2003

Held at Fulwood House at 7.00pm.


Shirley Blundell, Gerald Cowley, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, David Timmins, Mike Daybell, Robert Hughes.

In attendance

Christine Hagin


David Inman, David Shepherd, Richard Bevan, Will Walters.

Minutes of the meeting 23rd October 2003

The minutes of the LOC meeting on 23rd October were agreed as a correct record. Proposed: Sue Stentiford, Seconded: G Cowley.

Matters arising

Capital Bids – can the AOP help? Sue Stentiford suggested asking around. Mike Daybell to email Trevor Warburton with a list of questions re this.

Shared Care – Alex Gage reported that PCT West are not happy with the Cataract Scoring questionnaire. Nick Ryan has to re do the questionnaire, which will be sent again to all the PCTs Implementation within practices will probably be in the new year.

Presentation to PCT members [non optometrists] – Alex showed the committee the presentation, which will be presented by David Inman.

Child Screening – Sue Stentiford showed the committee the Vision Screening Quest software by David Thompson. Sue is to get Education department contact name so that information can be got on screening done in schools.

Guidance for issuing small prescriptions – Sue Stentiford handed out information on this.

Glaucoma Referral Refinement – Alex Gage to do costing for PCTs. Sue Stentiford is to get stats on how many inappropriate referrals there are for glaucoma and the sources of reference.


Dave Timmins brought in a letter from David Shepherd re national project to run alongside the new partially sighted and blind registration form CV1. David asked for committee members’ comments so that he can take them to next meeting of the Sheffield Low Vision Consultative Committee on the 22nd January 2004.

AOP one day conference re Diabetics. Gerry, Robert and Sue said they will go.

Falls and the elderly- a paper by Sue Leighter, a copy was sent to the committee by the AOP.

From AOP, a copy of paper written by Trevor Warburton on Therapeutic Exemptions and Written Orders.

Any other business

Gerry Cowley represented the LOC at the SSE PCT, Reference Committee meeting. The meeting was regarding Jim Hands. Gerry was there to offer comments and act as intermediary between the PCT and Jim Hands.

Sue Stentiford is to draught a letter to be sent to all optometrists in Sheffield asking if they wish to be kept informed regarding any business being dealt with by the committee.

Date for next meeting

Monday 19th January 2004, Fulwood House, Board Room at 7.00pm.

The meeting was closed at 21.00.

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