Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC meeting 1st December 2009

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 1 December 2009

Present: Phil Banton (PB), Helen Bailey (HB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Mike Daybell (MD) (Chair), Ian Van Hoof (IVH), Sue Stentiford (SS), Helen Wilkinson (HW)

Apologies : Shirley Blundell, Alex Gage, Robert Hughes, John Whittle

Guest: Richard Oliver (RO), Steven Haigh (SH) – NHS Sheffield In attendance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 16 November (minor correction on date) and 20 October 09 were accepted – Proposed SS – seconded GC

I & II Referral Information Service (RIS) & PEARS
All GOS referrals to secondary care should go via the RIS. In all cases however, GPs should remain in control. However there is an option when an optom should be in the position to direct a patient to another colleague better qualified to deal with the problem, as per the Scottish model.

MD explained that there is still a decision to be made by SLOC: are they in agreement with the letter on triage sent by the PCT. MD suggested another visit/chat about the mechanism of RIS is required. SH suggested SLOC approach the PCT commissioner dealing with this to clearly explain what SLOC members want. A long discussion took place on numbers of referrals. It is decided that a proposal will be put together by a small working group (PB – IVH – HB – HW) to present to all optoms. If required, the working group should contact Rob Carter at NHS Sheffield for advice in order to complete the formal proposal. All involved in the working group to get email contact details of all PEARS optoms and check their position regarding access to broadband. This is crucial as all PEARS optoms will need an NHS account to be part of the scheme. RO stated that setting up NHS account can happen quickly and that it is a crucial element for the programme to start quickly. The PEARS working group undertook to feedback to SH by 18th December. SS explained that she is attending a meeting on IT to check the position on NHS accounts and will report back to SLOC on the outcome.

III. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: It is agreed that PEARS can deal with GRR, however non PEARS optoms can also deal with GRR but they are only a few as most optoms on GRR are also PEARS trained. In time, a single GOS18 form will be used. GC asked about fee on domiciliary visits as PEARS does not include a separate fee. The PCT will look into this as it is recognised it might need to be a separate fee. GOS18 form was briefly discussed and SS to revise and distribute to members shortly.

IV. Children’s Eye Care: Two letters previously mentioned had been received by optoms and it is stressed the PCT letter should be returned as requested back to the PCT to register interest. Two meetings are shortly to take place at SCH and 722 Prince of Wales Road, the second meeting focussing mainly on the final clinical protocol of the scheme.

V. Diabetic Eye Screening: Last meeting was cancelled and there is nothing to report to members.

VI. Low Vision Group: PB indicated that he had looked at various schemes in the country and their fee structures. Fee seems to be in the region of £45 per assessment for 30 minutes (with £ 95 for home visits in some instances). Optoms has a basic low vision kit. The outcome of each visit is that the patient is handed out a visual aid, which is then invoiced back to the PCT and re-ordered to refurbish the optom’s kit. Therefore each optom signing up to LV would need a start off kit, which could either be bought by the practitioner or the PCT. RO suggested that if the overall cost to the PCT of the scheme is less than hospital visits, it was worth putting a business case together. Figures from the PCT are crucial and SH agreed to look into this and feedback to the SLOC. It is however suggested that LVG is not high on the list of priorities as optoms are already engaged in starting off other important schemes.

VII. Primary Care Trust: MD explained two meetings are due to take place with the PCT: 9th Dec on glaucoma – 16th December on cataract referrals. MD is looking for colleagues willing to volunteer to support him at the cataract meeting and, as SS no longer able to attend 9th Dec meeting, at the glaucoma meeting. He asked IVH send him a referral form as used on the Derbyshire scheme.

VIII. Website: Nothing to report

• None

Any Other Business
• Practice visits: SS explained that David Inman was willing to start visits as instructed by SLOC. SS circulated a proposed action list drawn for him to complete during his visits, which was discussed. A couple of suggestions were made which will be added to the final list.
• GC commented that he had attended the NOC conference and produced a LOC central Fund leaflet he had obtained for members. Members to familiarise themselves with the leaflet to be discussed in the next meeting.
CRB checks: GC reported that all practitioners need to have a CRB check and that it is planned that other members of practices staff will also be required a CRB check from April 10.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 12 January 2010
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 09.40

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