Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 22 January 2008

Present: Phil Banton, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, Robert Hughes, John Stokes, Sue Stentiford (Chair), Ian Van Hoof, Will Walters

Guest: Robert Carter – Sheffield PCT

In attendence: Pascale Quercioli

Apologies: Alex Gage, Helen Bailey

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 27 November 2007 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

I. Triage proposals: Mike Daybell introduced Robert Carter from Sheffield PCT to the meeting, who had come to represent the Sheffield PCT views on the triage proposals. Mike referred to a meeting to take place on 22 February with all parties to be represented to ratify the scheme. There were some discussions about the level of training optoms would have to go through to be allowed onto the scheme and it is felt that this was not a major issue as optoms are legally obliged to keep their skills up to date and that very little extra training would be required. Shirley Blundell suggested that optoms should be approached and asked where they felt they needed training and offer the training on this basis. Training and accreditation could be either through STH or the PCT. The point is that everybody involved in the proposal has something to gain, apart perhaps STH, in terms of savings in funds and time. Robert Carter highlighted the importance of the clinical issues relating to the proposal, and reiterated the PCT support to the proposal, as it is will primarily benefit the patients in the community. Sue Stanford asked whether committee members were happy with the conditions laid out and there was discussion on the issue whether the proposal should include Children and it is felt that the protocol should be as is currently being followed by SLOC.

All agreed that the key was the numbers of optoms interested in following the proposal. It is felt that 20 + will take part and it is known at least one GP consortium is keen to proceed. Robert Carter felt that Hallam West Consortium will pilot the scheme. It was also asked whether Pharmacists were involved and Robert Carter is to talk to them.

It was agreed that a meeting would take place between Gerry, Phil, Mike, Sue and John on Wednesday 6th February at 7.30 to finalise the draft proposal based on the discussions today. Robert Carter thanked the meeting for their positive contributions and said that the meeting with Adrian McKee and F (Consortium meeting)…. etc

II. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: Mike Daybell explained the next meeting is on Thursday night 24th January at the Beauchief and that Robert Harper would attend to do a presentation on disk assessment, together with David H to do a presentation on …
field …. The PCT is funding the training. Mike is to discuss the form with Linda Liddement to make it more users friendly.
Gerry commented that patients really liked the scheme and it is felt that the fee by all that the fee paid to optoms is appropriate. Will explained the difficulties his employers had to be part of the scheme as it is not income generating. It was however stressed that the crucial point is that if not financially rewarding it is….clinical….. that business managers should be reminded as it is crucial to patient care and

III. Children’s Eye Care: Shirley stated that nothing had happened and that she was due to be briefed in detail by Linda L before the next meeting.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: A meeting is scheduled next week. The pilot using broadband to transfer patients’ information using his NHS account is going ahead and funding will be confirmed next week.

V. Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: Nothing to report other than Linda L is taking steps to rejuvenate the network.

VI. Low Vision Group: Nothing new to report. Alex is attending a meeting shortly.

VII. Primary Care Trust: It if felt that great progress has been made in establish contact and that Robert Carter was a valuable PCT link and he is felt he would push forward things for the LOC and has more weight than Linda L. Sue St to write to Robert and organise a couple of visits of optoms practices.

VIII. Website: There is a problem with accessing the website and the password and Pascale to investigate and email all with progress report as soon as possible.



Any Other Business

- Sue Stated that she would resign the chair after the February meeting and is looking for volunteer to take the role over. It is felt that the role should be taken on for 3 years with an optional one additional year. Mike also said that he was looking to pass his treasurer role. Mike suggested that the LOC might need to consider paying someone to carryon some of the LOC work in terms of drafting documents and supplying professional service for the SLOC, as the work load is increasing. It appears that the central funding unit employs regional reps appointed nationally who could assist SLOC. It is felt that the levy paid to Central funding should cover the costs largely. Mike to contact central funding for info.

- Sue informed the meeting that Tesco has won a major site at the bottom of the Vicker and asked the meeting to consider the implications on their own businesses if they obtained an optoms licence.

Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 4th March 2008,
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.35

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Copthorne Hotel
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