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Sheffield LOC Meeting 22nd February 2010

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Monday 22 February 2010

Present: Phil Banton (PB), Helen Bailey (HB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Mike Daybell (MD) (Chair), Ian Van Hoof (IVH), Sue Wilford (SW), Helen Wilkinson (HW), David Inman (DI), Robert Hughes (RH)

Apologies Alex Gage, Shirley Blundell

Guest: Richard Oliver (RO), Steven Haigh (SH) – Caroline Mabott (CM): NHS Sheffield
In attendence: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 12 January 10 were accepted – Proposed RH – seconded SW

Matters arising

1. AWP
Caroline Mabbott attended to update the committee on the AWP process. She gave background information on AWP and referred to the LOC issues re the complicated paperwork involved in the process. Only one submission for childs eye screening was received. It is agreed that the process will be revisited. From April 10 the PCT is happy to work an optom rep to progress things so that the children pathway is ready in time of the new school year intake in September 10. It was commented that a lot of the information required in the AWP process is already available at the PCT because of past procurement requirements. CM agreed to look into this as from a procurement point of view if the documentation is available already held the PCT and easily accessible, such information could be used. DI commented that the information the PCT requires in the AWP paperwork is similar to the information asked to be from optoms to be the Performance List as no additional clinical requirement is requested to join the scheme. It was agreed that AWP should have taken place when the PEARS scheme was finalised, as it was an enhanced scheme. CM reiterated that she would revisit and streamline the documentation requirements in line with the discussions taking place from April 10. The self-assessments currently taking place could be of use in the procurement process; this is a non-mandatory questionnaire. The completion of the AWP process will mean in the future that starting new schemes will be straight forward as the AWP would work as a “passport” for future schemes. SH suggested that LOC representation is made now to sort out the process. MD suggested that LOC nominate 2 people as LOC representative (DI & Shirley Blundell). Meeting will take place early April.

2. Triage:
PB discussed that they had been running for 6 weeks, R Carter requires sending all GOS 18 to RIS with copy to the GP. It is felt it would be better if RIS copied in the GP, to avoid confusion should a GP get a GOS18 from an optom which has not been sent via RIS. PH & GC expressed concern that there is no confirmation of receipt from RIS after the fax is sent. PB mentioned that one referral was lost in the system. A decision is required as to the LOC is legally covered for all GOS to be sent to RIS, without sending a copy to the GP. RO suggested that this should be taken up with the AOP to check if this is legally allowed and not a breach of their terms. Once this is checked a process can be put in place so that the RIS does copy the GP. SW to check. MD referred to a letter on Glaucoma referral recently received. The point of the letter was that the PEARS optom was requested to in effect monitor the patient, which is not correct practice within the scheme. MD suggested that all PEARS optoms should be sent a letter and reminded that, as an enhanced service, they should make a decision on the patient and not offer to refer back to the original optom, who in turn takes a monitoring role, which should not happen as there is no governance in place. All agreed a letter should go out jointly from PCT and SLOC. MD to draft letter. SH asked for a timeline to simply the process. It is hope the legal question will be resolved in the next 4 weeks. SW will let PCT know the outcome.

3. Diabetes:
MD circulated a draft letter to be sent to the Director of Public Health regarding changes to be proposed for the eye-screening programme. A fee of £ 7.40 was put forward which RH has turned down as being not acceptable. There is no news on the cameras. SH will check the situation at the hospital, as there will be a surplus of 9 cameras. MD informed John Soady of other schemes running successfully nationally to no avail.

4. GRR
There are noises that the scheme might be scrapped. However this was not minuted in the notes of the last meeting, MD will question Kate Gleave as to why this is being considered, as she is due to visit his practice that week.


Any Other Business

• GC asked that all expenses should be forwarded to him as soon as possible.
LOC dinner: 23 March 2010 – 7.30 for 8.00pm

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 6 April 2010
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 09.45

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