Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 23 January 2007

Present: Jon Stokes,Robert Hughes, Will Walters, David Timmins, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, Gerry Cowley, David Shepherd, David Inman, Mike Daybell

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Shirley Blundell, Jon Whittle

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on 5th December were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising
(i)*Children’s Eye Care:* Nothing to report.

(ii)*Diabetic Eye Screening:* Generally this is going well. There are problems with the hospital software, finding more pre Retinopathy.

(iii)*Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group:* They have not met recently. Alex Gage is asking for dates for 2007. Linda Liddament is chasing this.

(iv)*Low Vision Group:* David Shepherd has written a proposed Lower Vision Project which he handed out to the committee. There was an amendment agreed by the committee to include in the proposal that the training of optoms be paid for by the LOC. The committee agreed that Alex and David will take the proposal to Linda Liddament.

(v)*Primary Care Trust: * The committee agreed that the Glaucoma Pilot Scheme should be rolled out to any optoms who are interested. There is to be a presentation of the scheme to intested optoms. Mike Daybell alongside Nick Ryan and Alex Gage will be doing the presentation. Nick Ryan will then present the accredited scheme at the end of the year.

(vi)*Cataract Scoring Scheme:* The scoring for the scheme fees for optoms has been revised. There will be a review after surgery. The fees will be increased from £10 to £11 and backdated to October 2006.

(vii)*Practice Based Committee Consortium:* There is a meeting planned between the representatives of LOC Committee and LMC Committee on the 28th February 2007. The intention is to find out more about what the consortium are proposing and to bring the information back to the LOC. This meeting will be attended by Sue Stentiford, Alex Gage, Will Walters and Mike Daybell.
(viii) Website: Jon Whittle asked the committee for any updates for the above schemes which could go on the website and also be emailed to optoms.

(ix)*LOC Committee Administrator:* the committee asked that this item go on the agenda for next meeting.

(x)*Statutory Levy:* Mike Daybell informed the committee that the amalgamation of the statutory Levy and voluntary levy isn’t possible for legal reasons. This may change in the future.

No correspondence.

Any Other Business
LOC regional meetings: Sue Stentiford asked which committee members to let her know who will be going to any of these meetings. Jon Whittle has emailed the dates to everyone.

AOP: Gerry Cowley suggested finding a way that the Sheffield and District Association of Optoms (who put on lectures etc) and the LOC committee work together.
Alex Gage suggested that the AOP could become a forum for district LOC committees’ to discuss local issues with regard shared care pathways etc. Jon Whittle suggested a pier
review across the area.

Practice visits: David Inman spoke to the committee regarding new proposals. All organizations that deal with the NHS have to conform to 24 core standards. There will be an extension of practice visits which will include clinical governance. John Harrison, Assistant Director of Clinical Governance has written a clinical governance framework which includes all 24 core standards.

As representatives for the LOC committee Sue Stentiford and Alex Gage have been asked to have a look at this framework and give their opinion. Both Sue and Alex have stated on behalf of the committee that they would prefer certain items to be prioritized for 2007 and others for 2008.

Alex took the proposed framework to the PEC who are happy with the format and all parties agreed that the 24 core standards should be addressed.

Sue and Alex also suggested that the LOC committee should request payment from PCT for these visits by David Inman to optom practices.

Mike Daybell asked what are the benefits of the questionnaire? David Inman replied that it would be helpful in fining out how clinical governance has improved within optical practices. Sue Stentiford suggested a resource pack of model procedures could be given to practices which they could adopt. Sue is to look into the probability of this.

David Inman then asked the committee for their opinions on what questions should be included. The conclusion was that the committee is comfortable with a repeat of the previous questionnaire. With regard to the new proposed form, Sue Stentiford agreed to source more information from the professional body website. Then these new proposals will need to be checked and brought to the committee to be agreed.
Jon Whittle suggested a copy of the new form should be sent to the AOP.

David Shepherd told the committee he will be resigning at the end of this year.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 13th March 2007, 7.30pm, at the Beauchief Hotel, Abbeydale Road South. S7. (Huntsman Suite)

This meeting will also include the Pre AGM.

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