Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 24 April 2006

Minutes of Sheffield LOC Held on 24th April 2006

Present: Will Walters, Sue Stentiford, G Cowley, Alex`Gage, Shirley Blundell, David Timmins, Jon Stokes

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Robert Hughes, David Shepherd, John Whittle

1. Minutes of the last meeting held 27th February 2006 were accepted as a correct record.
2. Matters arising
(i) Children’s Eye Care – Shirley Blundell met with Julie Ennis and John Whittle and presented her proposal. Shirley is now waiting for a second meeting with John. Jon Stokes suggested that before putting a financial business plan forward the LOC committee could write to all optoms. Shirley and Gerry are to prepare the business plan and then consider sending to all optoms for their feedback.
(ii) Diabetic Eye Screening – the next meeting is 18th May. Will Walters and Robert Hughes are to suggest at this meeting the organising of a meeting for all optoms on the scheme for their feedback. Mike Daybell asked if the screening is being audited. Will to raise this at the next meeting on behalf of the LOC committee. Sue Stentiford asked if practices that aren’t on the DES programme could have a list of the practices that are. This information can then be passed on to their patients. Sue suggested that all practices should know about the AOP procedures letter for practices that aren’t on the scheme. Gerry Cowley asked if all GP’s know about the scheme.
(iii) Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group report – Glaucoma referral – Mike Nelson to work out the costs of training optoms for referral refinement pilot. However Mike nelson would first like the long term goal of the pilot to be clarified. If refined referral is considered a clinical and financial success, what is the next step? The pilot need to be audited, and Linda liddament SWPCT has committed to managing this. The next ojpg meeting is in September.
(iv) OJPG report- Low Vision Group – Norman Creighton and David Shepherd are preparing a business plan to be presented to the PCT at the next OJPG meeting. The information has been gathered and the report needs to be written. Alex Gage to speak to Norman re business plan and also to let David Shepherd know.
(v) Primary Care Trust – Alex gave feedback from David Inman re Practice Audit carried out last year. Most practices are doing well. The next thing to happen will be a clinical audit. The plan is to draw up 5/6 options for practices to choose how they will do their audit. The committee suggested customer satisfaction could be one audit option.
(vi) Website – the committee agreed that there is a need for someone to oversee this. Alex brought to the attention of the committee an advert in optical magazine re websites. He is going to email and find out more information. Jon Stokes suggested a referral guideline button should go on the website. This would bring up a list of protocols for referrals. The committee agreed and the protocol list will be drawn up at the AGM.

3. Correspondence
Mary Freeman and Simon Longstaff are setting up of a direct referral scheme for glaucoma. Sue Stentiford was asked to respond to the suggested pathway on behalf of the LOC and this has been done. The LOC are generally in favour of any scheme that improves the patient pathway whilst being aware of the issue of practice based commissioning that may arise at some point in the future. A letter from the hospital will be going out shortly to all Sheffield list of optoms.

4. Any Other Business
1. The AGM meeting is set for 22nd May 2006. letters to be posted to all Sheffield list optoms.
2. Gerry Cowley and David Inman had a meeting re the letter Gerry sent out to all his patients about the Diabetic Eye Screening. David gave Gerry a copy of a letter from the AOP website and suggested he could send this letter to all his patients. The letter is designed for optoms to use when there is no diabetic screening in place. David as an optometric advisor to Sheffield PCT was acting on behalf of Sheffield South East Screening committee. The DOAS letter is to be forwarded to all LOC members.

3. Date for next meeting:
The next meeting will be the AGM on Monday 22nd May 2006. This will be held at the Rutland Hotel on Brown Street.

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