Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 24th March 2009

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 24 March 2009

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey, Gerry Cowley, Alex Gage, Robert Hughes, Sue Stentiford, Ian Van Hoof, David Inman

Apologies: Shirley Blundell, Mike Daybell (Chair), Richard Oliver, John Whittle

Guest: Claire Holden – Stop Smoking Service

In attendance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 24 February were accepted as a correct record. Proposed: Robert Hughes – Seconded: Gerry Cowley

Matters arising
• No new members had yet been recruited. It is agreed that Sue, Rob and Gerry would approach one prospective member each and Sue suggested this should done by phone rather than email.

I. Children’s Eye Care: Nothing to report

II. PEARS Scheme: More training took place recently which was well received. Review of the PEARS form is to take place shortly and a meeting is due to take place before the roll out over the city planned on 1 June.

III. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: It is commented that if optometrists are running the PEARS scheme, they will have to have to have completed GRR training, as Glaucoma is about to be included in the PEARS scheme.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: Robert Hughes reported that the use of CDS should be discontinued in June. There is however a problem with mailboxes getting full with the size of the information being transmitted. The PCT are looking in to the problem and are resisting giving practices a general email address, favouring personal addresses as each optometrist is accountable to the information transmitted. Robert obtained costs form the Manchester scheme (£ 27.52 per grading) but more work is required to take into account Broadband costs etc. It is noted that the waiting time for screening in Sheffield stands at 4 weeks or more in busy practices.

V. Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: Nothing to report

VI. Low Vision Group: Helen reported having found a lot of documentation produced by David Shepherd which she would discuss with him before bringing forward to the LOC.

VII. Primary Care Trust: David Inman reported that he now goes to the PCT every Tuesday and that members should bear in mind that he can approach PCT staff for replies. He reported that a new complaints procedure was being reviewed; drop in sessions are being offered by the PCT to practitioners. Robert has the contact details. It is suggested the LOC check with the AOP to check whether this is a legal requirements. David informed the meeting that practice visits will now take place on a three year cycle and that self assessments would be required in between. David alerted the SLOC to aspects of the current contracts and the 24 core standards legislation, which they are liable to comply to. The question remains as to whether optometrists are required to comply without being paid a fee. Sue agreed to contact the AOP on their position nationally, before the SLOC comments and to report her findings to David Inman. The infection nurse has been invited to the next meeting – Sue to check the current standards from the college in preparation to the meeting.

VIII. Website: Rob suggested a new section is added to explain the new schemes running in Sheffield.

All received have been emailed to the committee members.

Any Other Business
1. Claire Holden from the Sheffield Stop Smoking programme (part of NHS Sheffield) presented the work of the Sheffield scheme, including all the literature available to all. She explained that the purpose of her visit was to find out to link her programme with optometrists practitioners. Services her scheme offers include training to staff groups (brief intervention training) which is already well established across Sheffield, promotional materials to be displayed in premises, stalls at optometrists events, professional advice and helpline to patients and practitioners.

Sue commented that there were gaps in patient’s knowledge and most of them are unaware of the link between loss of eyesight and smoking and it is suggested that a simple one sheet leaflet be made available to all optometrists for give to patients who smoke, sent direct to practices and not practitioners as a lot of them are locum. Phil offered to liaise with Claire in the clinical side. Gerry required that more materials are sent to practices and Robert Will put a link of the scheme on to the SLOC website.

2. PEC Board meeting to take place on 7 July and the LOC should be represented and looking for a volunteer.

3. Linda Liddament is looking for a LOC representative on each GP consortium in Sheffield. Rob will get a list and report back.

4. Gerry asked committee members for their bank account details to set up direct payment to members’ bank accounts.

5. Sue presented a new draft of a new GOS 18 which has been used in Bradford and Airedale successfully. It is agreed that the form should be available in all formats and e-mail able.

6. Rob to re-write AGM invitation letters and agenda and email to PQ as soon as possible

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 12 May
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
AGM 7.30
SLOC 8.00
Meeting closed at 09.40

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