Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC meeting 25th February 2014

Sheffield LOC meeting

Rob Hughes, Rob Hobson, Deborah Mullens, Helen Bailey, James Allen, East Patel, Dee Singh, Azad Nawaz,
Guest Richard Oliver

Previous minutes proposed by HB, & seconded

LOC company/ Training

There was a discussion regarding the LOC Company and possibility of a training budget for new practices wishing to become members of the LOC company group for enhanced services.
It was agreed in future that optometrists wishing to become PEARS accredited could pay for the necessary accreditation themselves.
RO suggested that LOC could approach outside sources for sponsorship for such schemes.
He also pointed out that the enhanced schemes have saved the CCG £400,000; which contrasts with the fact that we have not had any increase in the payment for these services since they began.


The issue of monitoring patients who are on this medication was discussed. It was agreed that we would need an ophthalmology opinion of what type of monitoring and frequency was required for these patients’ and that might form the basis of a new scheme

A discussion followed about repair vouchers and repeated requests for these for children.

RH asked the group what its opinion would be of an independent prescriber in Sheffield setting up to monitor OHT, and potentially prescribe privately. Unanimously it was agreed that this would be a private service only, potentially for those patients wishing to pay for it. There is not an appropriate scheme in operation to accommodate practice in question, and there was general agreement that practitioners would continue to refer to the eye dept. wrt suspect OHT.

Discharge of patients from the glaucoma clinic was discussed, particularly with concern for those patients who seem to be developing the disease, but who are none the less discharged from RHH. It was agreed that if any of the group see such a case they will send this with anonymous data to RH to collate, with a view to taking it further if needs be.


Feedback excellent. We should be promoting this good report as much as possible-
Pathology Lectures

RH told the group that Mr Yashin Ramkissoon [Consultant Ophthalmologist RHH- vitreo retinal] would be happy to come along to an organised group to talk about any ophthalmology topic that we felt would be of use.

20.35 RO left the meeting

LOC Company update – Helen Bailey
Bullet points:

• Await AQP status before moving ahead with the company
• A Clinical lead is needed for the company
• Memorandum of understanding read out by HB- all in agreement with the main points of the document
• Management accounts required quarterly
• Extraordinary general meeting required to agree borrowing funds from the LOC
• DM to email the list that we have to say that this topic will be discussed at the next meeting.
• HB questioned if there might be conflict of interest with her dealing with accounts for the LOC company, all were in agreement that it would not be a problem as all the details are fully transparent.

Meeting ended 9pm

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