Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

sheffield LOC meeting 25th November 2013

LOC meeting 25/11/13
7.30pm Beauchief Hotel, Abbeydale rd


Mike daybell [ MD], Rob Hughes [RH] ,Helen Bailey[HB],Shirley Blundell[SB] Habib Shah [HS] , James Allen[JA], East Patel[EP],Daljit Singh[DS] Rob Hobson[Rho] Deborah Mullens {DM}
Guest: Richard Oliver [RO]

AQP= Any Qualified Provider

Apologies: Azad Nawaz, Tan Hussain, Alastair Mew, Helen Wilkinson, Gerry Cowley

Minutes from the previous 2 meetings were accepted without comment.

LOC Company
RH reported to the group the CCG have given the LOC 6/12 breathing space to set up the company to administer enhanced services.
HB/RH said that:
• She is awaiting paperwork from LOCSU to progress the establishment of the SLOC Company.
• HB proposed that £5000 is transferred from LOC funds to the company for set up costs; this would cover administration fees, until payments start to be received.
• 5% of current income is the minimum amount required to enable the SLOC Company to administer the services.
• There is a meeting on 17/12/13 to be announced, which is for all practitioners regarding the AQP scheme.

A discussion followed regarding the legal and clinical responsibilites of AQP, and the fees required.
There was agreement that full, water tight indemnity is required for the SLOC Company, and that this should be sought from LOCSU as they have experience in the field.
There followed general discussion about the provision of the enhanced services schemes, the specifications, responsibilities and complaints procedure etc.
HB suggested that each practice becomes a member of the scheme under the LOC Company, and would need to sign up to an agreement about the scheme in which they would participate.

RH gave the background to the topic of PVD, regarding the recent DOCET material and the referral recommendations for PVD.
There followed discussion about triaging issues, how the RHH eye dept treat new PVD presenting at eye casualty and what PEARS optometrists role is in dealing with these referrals.

RH said that over a 12/12 period 444 PEARS appointments were for vitreo retinal issues, of those 6% were referred on to HES.
The agreement was:
• To carry on with the current PEARS protocol for F&F referred with no tears reported – ie :
• To see as urgent to dilate, if not already dilated.
• To see at a repeat appointment after 6/52
• If referral states pt dilated and no tears seen – to be seen in PEARS within the recognised 6 week limit.

It was agreed that a letter needs to go out urgently to all optometrists reiterating that College guidelines mean that any patient presenting with F&F should be dilated.

RO left the meeting at 8.30 pm
There followed a further discussion about what the LOC needs to propose to the CCG as a reasonable fee for each enhanced service, bearing in mind the need to administer the service and the costs involved.

MD reported back to the meeting about the meeting in York on primary eye care services that he and RO attended.
RH requested dates for the LOC meetings for 2014
RA agreed to organise an LOC post Christmas meal.
MD reminded those present that he is standing for election to the college board, and asked for our support in that.

Meeting ended 9.30 pm
Next meeting 13/1/14

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