Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 26th April 2004


Robert Hughes, David Timmins, Will Walters, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, David Shepherd, Shirley Blundell

In attendance

Christine Hagin


Mike Daybell, David Inman, Gerry Cowley

Minutes of the last meeting

The amended minutes of the last meeting held on 29th March 2004 were accepted as a correct record. {Amendment – spelling of Guest name, should be Creighton}.

Matters arising

David Shepherd gave feedback from his meeting with Norman Creighton and Steve Hambleton Chief Executive SRSB.

David Shepherd asked the committee what the parameters for referral for low vision were likely to be. The committee agreed 6.18 or less [normal is N5], below N8.

Diabetic Screening cameras –how many and where the cameras will go will be decided by the PCT. Included in the package is the software. The results are to be graded centrally. The information regarding the top ten screeners will be made available to the committee. Joanne is to organise this. Optoms may be able to go an do diabetic grading at the hospital.

Sue Stentiford suggested David Inman if possible to be the negotiator between optoms and PCT,s.

LIT Local Implementation Team. Anyone involved with screening will have to go to the LIT.


Any Other Business

Date for next meeting

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