Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 27 February 2006

Minutes of Sheffield LOC Held on 27th February 2006

Present: Robert Hughes, Will Walters, Sue Stentiford, Jon Stokes, Gerry Cowley, Alex Gage

In attendance: Christine Hagin

Apologies: Jon Whittle, David Shepherd, Shirley Blundell, David Timmins, David Inman

1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 23rd January 2006. Due to computer problems the completed minutes were not available.

2. Matters arising
(i) Children’s eye care – Shirley Blundell has had a meeting with Julia Ennis and Jon Whittle. Another meeting is to be scheduled.
(ii) DESP – Letter from Chris Brand re Gerry Cowley’s letter to his diabetic screening clients. The committee agreed that Gerry should write to the AOP requesting guidance around this. Jon Stokes is to draught a letter to Chris Brand saying the matter has been brought to the committee (Jon Stokes received the letter from Chris Brand). Sue Stentiford is to reply to Chris Brand on behalf of the committee to give their analysis regarding the situation.

Patients NHS Numbers – optoms have to imput these details onto the system and probelsm arise if patients don’t bring their original letter. Will Walters is to bring this up at the next DESP committee meeting. The LOC committee agreed to organise a meeting of all other optoms on the screening programme would give everyone the opportunity to give feedback. A letter to be sent out suggesting three dates for this.
(iii) Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group – no update
(iv) Low Vision Group – no update
(v) Primary Care Trust – All four PCT’s in Sheffield are in debt and this is likely to be the case for some while as there is no available funding. The committee agreed that Jon Stokes should write to Prof Witney to say the committee are all in favour of the proposals put forward at his presentation on the 26th January 2006.

3. Correspondence
1. Response from Rosie Winterton, Minister of Health to letter sent by Meg Munn and Richard Clayborne. Letter attached.

4. Any Other Business
1. Gerry Cowley proposed that a lap top computer be purchased for the use of Christine Hagin whilst ever she is working for the committee. The committee agreed this proposal.
2. The committee’s attention was brought to a letter published in the Optician Magazine on 24th February. The letter was regarding the philosophy of legal approach to possible wrong doing by a practitioner. The balance of probabilities protects the client, and the burden of proof is going to increase with the severity of the crime.
3. Clinical governance/peer audit – the teaching college is looking at re jigging this. The committee agreed that the records should be good records and not lengthy ones. Standards for better health from the Health Service are standards that optoms need to follow. The committee felt that optoms do this anyway the language is different.
4. Transposition Hospital vouchers – the budget is direct from the hospitals. Rob Hughes asked should optoms be able to transpose as generally it costs them more. Letter to be written by Rob to Julie Ward/Andrea Pearson at the Teaching Hospital and Angela Karck at the childrens hospital re this and also suggesting that all lenses should be surfaced or calculated to give a knife edge if this transposition is allowed. Gerry Cowley is to make a demo pair of glasses showing the difference between surfaced and not surfaced.
5. Website – the committee discussed ways of promoting the website. Gerry Cowley is to organise an overhead projector with details of website for next AOP lecture.

6. Date for next meeting:

24th April 2006 at the Rutland Arms, Brown Street, at 7.00pm.

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