Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 27 November 2007

Present: Gerry Cowley (Chair), Phil Banton, Robert Hughes, Ian Van Hoof, Mike Daybell, Helen Bailey, Will Walters

In attendance: Pascale Quercioli

Apologies: Alex Gage, John Stokes, Sue Stentiford, Shirley Blundell

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 12 October 2007 were accepted as a correct record – Proposed Mike Daybell – Seconded Ian VanHoof.

Matters arising

I. Triage proposals: Mike Daybell reported that he attended the meeting last Thursday with the Hallam West Consortium when a joint pilot was approved. The main problem is Sheffield TH, who’d had been emailed but had not responded. The problem is that GPs will soon want to make a decision and if accreditation is not in place with STH someone else will have to provide it. Mike Daybell referred to the training available in Surrey and wondered if the LOC should approach someone else for the training. Gerry suggested that the West Consortium send a letter collectively. The other point to highlight in the meeting is to make sure we clearly indicate which pathway to follow. It is agreed that the LOC preferred way is the fast track option and not the CAS option.

II. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: Feedback from last weeks meeting went well. Since the meeting, Mike Daybell had emailed Robert Harper to organise a refresher course. The date of the course is 24 January 08. The PCT has been requested to fund the training. If the PCT does not fund it, the LOC could. The other point of the feedback is that we have to get the numbers of practices registered the scheme up by 1 April, otherwise the funding might be stopped. It is important to show activity rather than savings. The whole idea of a scheme like this is that we should get better at diagnosing glaucoma. The general consensus is that people need more training particularly on assessment, and that more practices should be recruited: 21 practices have registered, only 10 are involved – 16 practices returned the questionnaires highlighting some concerns, which proves that people are interested but need more training.

III. Children’s Eye Care: Gerry reported there is nothing to report. Linda L had a meeting at the hospital.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: A meeting was held recently to update on the activity of the programme in the last couple of years. It was reported that it is useful to GPs and that numbers of referral into clinics had gone up but that the activity of the laser clinic hadn’t, which indicates that referrals in the previous scheme had been going OK. Phil Banton agreed to email the notes of the meeting to Pascale to have them posted on the SLOC website. No patient survey has been carried out on the patients yet. Mike Daybell suggested that the LOC request some patients’ feedback. Robert Hughes said that Alex Gage was running a pilot using broadband to transfer patients’ information using his NHS account.

V. Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: Nothing new. It was recognised that the meeting should reconvene to get all interesting parties together. The last meeting was two years ago and has been subsequent meeting had been cancelled by STH. It is felt that the LOC should try and revive the joint planning group. It was discussed and agreed that the chair should write to Ian Rennie and Mike Nelson stating the SLOC wishes to reconvene the OJPG meetings, to include a PCT representative higher ranked than Linda.

VI. Low Vision Group: Nothing new to report. Alex to be asked to take it up with the PCT.

VII. Primary Care Trust: Nothing to report.

VIII. Website: Has been updated with minutes and a list of optoms by Greg at Purpledogfish. There was some discussion on whether a password was necessary at all and it was agreed that it is as there is personal data and email addresses available on the website. It was suggested that a “classified section” should be created.



Any Other Business


Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 22 January 2008,
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.00

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