Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 27th October 2003

Held at Fulwood House at 7.00pm.


Richard Bevan, Shirley Blundell, Gerald Cowley, Alex Gage, David Shepherd, Sue Stentiford, David Timmins, Will Walters.

In attendance

Christine Hagin


David Inman, Robert Hughes, Mike Daybell

Minutes of the meeting 8th September 2003

The minutes of the LOC meeting on 8th September were agreed as a correct record.

Proposed: Sue Stentiford, seconded: G Cowley.

Matters arising

Article in current Optometry Today regarding Diabetic Screening by digital imaging. The article stated that optometrists on the programme would need to screen 250 clients per year. The committee generally felt that the number was unrealistic.

Diabetic Screening questionnaire, S Stentiford handed out copies of this. The committee agreed to the questionnaire being sent out to all Sheffield Optometrists involved on the screening programme and to the proprietors of their practices. C Hagin to action.

Shared Care Scheme – Cataract Scoring. Alex Gage’s feedback is that the scheme has been presented to the CPSAG and now needs to go for approval to the PEC and then the Board. It’s now looking to be the end of the year before implementation within practices.

Cataract pilot scheme -David Shepherd has spoken to Simon Longstaff re the original scheme, which was first done with Mathew Edwards in 1998. David’s intention is to resurrect the pilot scheme results and present this information to the PCTs. Sue Stentiford suggested if S Longstaff is not able to recover the original report that the scheme should be re-done.

Shared Care Scheme Presentation – Sue Stentiford raised the question about doing a presentation to PCTs and GPs with the intention of informing these groups about the usefulness of optometry within these schemes. The group agreed to this. Alex suggested David Inman would be best person to find out whom to contact in each of the four PCT groups. G Cowley is to contact David regarding this.

Shared Care feedback from Optometrists, at the Strategy event. Alex Gage read out this report, which he has emailed to all committee members.


Email from Patricia O’Sullivan of the AOP asking for any shared care scheme reports. G Cowley is sending feedback session report on Diabetes Eye Screening programme 2000.

A copy of the accounts and balance sheet has been sent from the Central LOC.

Notice of two meetings from South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority.24/9/03 at Montague Hospital, Mexborough and 29/10/03 at Fulwood House Sheffield.

Matters arising

Alex informed the committee that Sheffield South West PCT is inviting Capital bids for next year. This is capital investment funding (£5,000 is the minimum spend). The question was raised, are other PCT groups offering this funding. G Cowley to ask D Inman to enquire when contacting the PCTs.

Sue Stentiford suggested sending out a letter to all Sheffield Optometrists asking if they want to be kept informed on matters being dealt with by the committee. If yes, to give their email address. Sue will get an up to date list of the practice addresses.

Alex Gage to chase the baseline assessment questionnaire with the four PCT groups.

Sue Stentiford proposed that Will Walters join the committee. Alex Gage seconded this.

Date for next meeting

Monday 1st December 2003, Fulwood House, Board Room at 7.00pm. The meeting was closed at 21.00.

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