Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 28th February 2005


Shirley Blundell, David Timmins, Jon Whittle, Jon Stokes, Rob Hughes, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, Will Walters, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, David Shepherd

In attendance

Christine Hagin


David Inman


Matthew Edwards

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 17th January 2005, there was an amendment with reference to Diabetic screening cameras. This should read that the committee were not happy with the proposal that no fee would be paid for diabetic camera screening.

Matters arising

Sheffield Vision Centre – a presentation was given by Matthew Edwards re the Sheffield Laser Vision Correction Service. This service is new to Sheffield and will be working from within the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Matthew is going to send a leaflet about the service to every optom in Sheffield. (Christine is to send the optoms database to Matthew). He is also going to set up a one off lecture. This info will go out with the leaflet.

Joint ophthal planning group – Mike Daybell gave feedback from the last meeting. The group was happy with direct referral. Mike Nelson raised an issue about choose and book, that when optoms refer they will need a computer link to NHS. David Inman has spoken to his colleagues in North Derbyshire and they send referrals to a call centre who will book appointments. The committee agreed that Mike Daybell would say at the next meeting that to continue as now and push for wanting to refer direct to hospital via a paper based system.

Low Vision – this was also on the agenda at the Joint opthal group. It was agreed that the Optometrists need to be included more formally in the Low Vision Pathway.

Referral feedback – the feedback will be sent to the optom not the practice (patient confidentiality).

Glaucoma Direct referral – It was felt that Simon Longstaff’s initiative had anticipated the direct referral being discussed at the JOWP. Sue to write to Simon with this.

Diabetic screening list – an optom has been taken off the list because he has moved his practice. The committee were not happy with this and Sue is to raise the committee’s concerns at the next screening meeting.

Shared care proposal from Claremont Hospital – Sue handed out proposal from the hospital re optoms and share care. The committee found the proposal acceptable. They all agreed that it is important that patients get referred back to the original optom. Sue is to give this feedback to the Claremont.

Diabetic screening cameras – It was considered a done deal, by the DESP committee, that 20 cameras in the community, without a fee attached, and annual maintenance payments of £2000, would be entirely acceptable, as Optoms would generate revenue from private Pxs paying for photos.

As these current proposals from the STH and the PCT are unacceptable, a meeting was held between Linda Liddament (PCT), David Inman, optometric advisor and Sue S to clarify the problems. It was a productive meeting, and it was suggested that D I be included in the PCTS deliberations.


Any Other Business

Date for next meeting

Monday 14th March 2005, Fulwood House Committee Room 4, 7.00 – 9.00pm.

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