Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 28th June 2004


Shirley Blundell, David Inman, Alex Gage, Will Walters, David Shepherd, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, Rob Hughes

In attendance

Christine Hagin


Sue Stentiford, David Timins


Jane Parkinson, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Children’s Vision Screening

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 26th April 2004 were read out by Christine Hagin and accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Jane Parkinson addressed the committee regarding national recommendations for Children’s Vision Screening and what Sheffield does. Sheffield is working towards using national recommendations but there are funding issues.

Near natal screenings: GP’s or Paediatricians are responsible for this.

Screening for Prem babies and also at risk babies: Health Visitors no longer screen unless requested by the family. Parents can refer if they are concerned.

School entry: healthcare assistants do screening on school entry. There is a small pocket of Ophthalmic screening which hasn’t been allowed to expand.

The committee discussed the need for parental education. Mike Daybell suggested encouraging parents to bring their children to optoms earlier and then if necessary be referred to hospital. Jane agreed the need for more cooperation between optoms and the NHS. She added that there is a lot of potential for community-based care.

Alex talked about the questionnaire to optoms and suggested asking what age optoms would be happy to screen children. David Shepherd asked Jane if any other questions would be helpful in gathering more information. Jane is to consider this and hopes to work with the committee on this.

The committee fed back that the copy letter for patients is not happening at the moment, though ophthals do give them a discharge letter. She is going to feed this back to the hospital Drs and request them to do this.

The outcome of the discussion is that Jane is going to report back that ophthals want to be more involved.

David Shepherd handed out a copy of letter asking for advice and information re sensory impaired vision. These forms will be handed to patients who will fill in these themselves. More of these forms will be sent to committee members.


Quote received for setting up and maintaining of website. Alex suggested the committee gets the software and can make changes and updates themselves.

Letter from the LMC re cataract scoring system. On the whole they are pleased with the system. There is a problem when Locums are referring to GPs. The Locums seem unaware of procedures and have asked the committee to inform them. The cataract scores go to the PCTs and hospitals don’t get this information. The audit shows that there should be a drop in referrals by 30%.

Letter from the Sheffield British College re their National Framework for Diabetic Eye Screening. This gives information on the ways of doing screening and the advantages/disadvantages.

Any Other Business

Informing Locums of procedures: The committee agreed Locums are not being informed directly and suggested when registering with PCTs an information pack would be useful. Information should also go to every optom on the list not just the Practice Managers.

The committee discussed improvements in communications between hospitals and community optoms. Alex suggested the LOC Secretary writes to Professor Ian Rennie requesting the need for these improvements.

Alex handed out an updated review of his work with the PCTs.

Date for next meeting

The date for next meeting is Monday September 6th 2004, Board Room, Fulwood House at 7.00pm.

The meeting was closed at 9.00pm.

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