Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield Loc meeting 28th May 2012

Sheffield LOC meeting 28th May 2012

A short meeting was held after the AGM.

Present: James Allen (JA), Helen Bailey (HB), Mike Daybell (MD), Rob Hughes (RH), Tan Hussain (TH), Deb Mullens (DM), Azad Nawaz (AN), Habib Shah (HS), Helen Wilkinson (HW), Sue Wilford (SW),

Guest: Omar Hassan (OH), Azad Nowab, Aftab Rahim (AR), Nizz Sabie (NS), Dee Singh (DS), Gil Vasey (GV),

Attendees: Louise Lambert (LL) (Minutes)

Apologies: Shirley Blundell (SB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Alex Gage (AG), Alastair Mew (AM) and Richard Oliver (RO),

PEARS Scheme

RH clarified AR’s enquiry about how Sheffield referrals work, timeframes and pathways. AR was particularly interested in knowing further details about triaging optometrists and the training they receive and protocol they follow. RH explained that training was initially paid for by the PCT, who where reluctant to pay for any additional optometrist to be trained. SLOC are currently looking at alternative ways of training, possibly distance learning.

AR enquired how the Acute Trusts had received the enhanced service from community optometrists. RH explained when the scheme commenced the trusts where initially approached and did initially raise some objections. Patients are being seen quicker and more efficiently under the scheme.

AR voice concerns about patients not going back to the referring optometrist. RH assured AR that the committee was aware of the potential problem. The triaging optometrists work alongside referring optometrists with professional etiquette. PEARS Optometrists within practice can not delegate PEARS responsibility to another practice member.

It was considered that existing accredited PEARS optometrists would use the distance learning, initially benchmarking prior to rolling it out to new optometrist. SW mentioned that Glaucoma was missing within the DOCET, distant learning.

There was a discussion on the cost of Glaucoma management within the community. The proposed OHT pathway did not mention gonioscopy. The group thought that glaucoma referrals would not be affected, which evolved to individual scenario’s discussion.
Action: SW to offer College guidance to AR

RH asked the group to consider a minor change to be written into the PEARS procedure. PEARS optometrists should not delay in contacting patients, if there is an urgent requirement. MD had concerns about changing the onus and how it was expressed to optometrists. This evolved into a wider conversation about accepting additional levels of responsibility. It was suggested to word it, within guidelines as “advice” not “obligation”.

SW suggested organising a PEARS workshop and understanding how individuals currently make referrals taking the good practice/ideas, then to write the guidelines.
Action: To look into getting PEARS optometrists together.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 10th July 2012

The meeting ended at 20:56hrs

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