Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 29th November 2004


Robert Hughes, David Timmins, Alex Gage, Shirley Blundell, Michael Daybell, Will Walters, Gerry Cowley, Sue Stentiford, David Inman

In attendance

Christine Hagin


David Shepherd

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on the 18th October 2004 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Joint Ophthalmic Working Party Group, inaugural meeting, 15th November – Mike Daybell chaired the meeting and handed out copies of the minutes and gave feedback to the committee. The committee then discussed various questions raised at the meeting.

The working Party Group (WPG) suggested Nick Ryan as chairman and Linda Liddament act as secretary. The LOC committee agreed with this.

Funding for the meeting attendance – Mike Daybell to discuss with Nick Ryan. The LOC Committee agreed to fund Mike Daybell’s meeting attendance.

The committee also agreed that if John Whittle & John Stokes can’t get funding the LOC committee will pay. It was agreed that all Sheffield optoms should be informed, Gerry Cowley is to organise this.

The committee agreed that informing GPs should be raised at the next WPG, Mike Daybell is to action.

Direct referral – Ian Rennie was particularly interested around direct referral.

The LOC committee agreed to stay with direct referral and look at referral refinement in the future.

The committee agreed to replies as standard from HES to referring practitioners and copy to GP.

It was also agreed to continuing use of GOS 18.

A question raised was should GPs reserve right to refer direct? The LOC committee agreed that this is okay. This will be said in information sent out.

Out of area referrals can only be made if their GP is in Sheffield.
PCT to Audit scheme? The LOC committee said not for the moment.

Mike Daybell is to take the above information to the next WPG meeting on the 7th December 2004.

Diabetic Screening, Capital Investment Money – Sheffield North PCT has the original investment money and Sheffield SW PCT also has some funding, (340,000 and 270,000). This money has to be spent in the next 2 months. The committee agreed that any cameras bought now should be warehoused until all cameras have been bought. Then they can all be sent out to the practices at the same time.

Children’s National Service Framework – implications for optometrists. Shirley Blundell presented this written information to the committee. (Copies to be given to all committee members – C Hagin to action). Shirley suggested compiling a kit so that eye healthcare promotion talks can be presented. Shirley thought that dentistry healthcare talks were funded by the PCTs and asked whether the committee could organise this. Alex Gage suggested this should put on agenda for next WPG meeting on 7th December. The committee agreed that the funding required would be 10,000.


G Cowley presented a letter from South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority. This was notice of a meeting of the above authority on the 23rd November 2004.

Any Other Business

Mathew Edwards Consultant in Ophthalmology has spoken to Mike Daybell wanting to know the committee’s thoughts on refractive laser eye surgery. The committee agreed to invited Mathew to the committee meeting in February to discuss this further. Alex Gage to organise.

Date for next meeting

Monday 17th January 2005. 7.00pm, committee room 4, Fulwood House.

Date for February meeting is 28th February 2005.

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